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Hello everyone this is just a quick post to hold you over till the "Mad Max: Fury Road" review tomorrow. (Minions Movie will come after that, hooray).

The "Paranormal Activity" movies were originally a really interesting movie series and actually kinda scary. But after the second movie we were hit with one giant jump scare montage known as "Paranormal Activity 3" and since then the franchise has declined in quality so much it makes the "SAW" franchise look good. So with the first trailer for the "last" movie in the franchise "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension" I thought it'd be a great to give you guys reasons NOT to see this pile of ghost crap.

Reason Number 1. Reusing Plot Points

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Now yes most movie franchises at least reuse one plot point eventually. But judging by the trailer for the newest PA film I can spot two giant plot points from "Paranormal Activity 3" reused. That's the Bloody Mary plot point and the VHS tapes. The Bloody Mary scene was only about four minutes long but had a big impact on PA3's plot as after they do the game the demon, Toby, gets stronger. So of course PA6 has to do it cause idiots will be drawn to the bloody mary scene in this film. Which to be fair is a smart move to get viewers but for the plot, it's kinda lazy.

Then we have the VHS tapes from the third movie AGAIN, so in the beginning o the movie (at least I think it'll be the beginning of PA6) the two brothers find a box of VHS tapes and the tape seems to be interacting with them. While in PA3 the tapes don't interact with them, the fact that the movie opens up with some more people finding the damn tapes is a really lazy way to tie this movie up with the others.

Reason Number 2. Stealing Plot Points

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Not only does this movie steal from its own movies but steals from actual good and meh horror movies. The entire idea of the Ghost Dimension has been done before but has recently been brought back into the mainstream horror films thanks to "Insidious" and yes I know the movie was made by the same people that made the Paranormal Activity movies but seriously if you're taking things from other movies in an attempt to spice up your own franchise...that's awful.

But that really doesn't annoy me as much as the next one, in the movie "Sinister" there's an actual scary scene where the demon on the video tape looks at the father who's watching the tape. The tape was interacting with the person. So what does PA6 do? Of course, not only do they take a plot point from PA3 (the VHS Tapes) but they take them and make them interact with the brothers, basically taking the idea from Sinister. Now yes Sinister most likely didn't come up with the idea of interacting tapes but like Insidious, it brought it back to the mainstream horror films...also doesn't help that the people that made Paranormal Activity and Insidious also made Sinister.

Reason Number 3. Count the Cliches

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Okay now every horror movie is going to use at least a couple of cliches, but look how many I found in this one trailer alone.

1. Blacked Eyed Little Girls
2. Night Vision
3. Spooky Black Demon Stuff
4. Saying stuff backwards
5. Writing on the walls
6. Little Girl talking in the background (trailer cliche)
7. Priest fails at stopping the demon
8. Spooky Demon Book
9. Horror version of the inception horns (trailer cliche)
10. Don't move/Something's behind you
11. Little girls in long white dresses with long black hair *cough* The Ring
12. Innocent Little Daughter

Overall DO NOT see this movie! At all, make no attempt to see it! Don't waste your money on this shit.
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