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As DAVE said on Horror Cabin... "Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, but it can also be downright terrifying as well. When we watch a horror movie we realize deep down that it’s JUST a movie. There will be no mask wearing psychopath silently stalking us on our way to work the following day."

"Just reading the HOIA-BACIU FOREST CROWD FUNDING PAGE is creepy enough. And it’s kind of increased when you see the forest is in Transylvania. And you thought only vampires came from there!

Here’s the deal with the documentary. They only need $4,000 to complete it. They’re planning on filming beginning next month and for as little s $5.00, you can grab some very awesome perks AND help out with something I think is special. I love this kind of real life bizarre stuff and I know I’m not alone."

Can this be a new kind of "Blair Witch Project"?

Together we can REALLY make it possible!


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