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Stephen Adamson

Have you ever hummed along to the X-Men: The Animated Series opening song and wondered what it would sound like if it had lyrics? Well, this satirical video by Fox's Animation Domination team takes an interesting stand and ends things with a little bit of a valid point.

Check it out!

"Representing racism..." hmmm!


"And anti-semitism..."

Mutant hate could actually be hate on Judaism?

"Replace the word mutants with homosexuals"

"It's not about Wolverines... it's about being trampled as minorities!"

"Sometimes they're Communists... or they're Nativists... Sometimes [Mutants] represent Catholics"

"Magneto's an actual Jew... compared to Malcolm X, too!"

All on beat with the song is hilarious

"So why are the X-Men mostly white?"

The video ends to say... especially with all of this minority-centric symbolism.

Really makes you think!



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