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(Warning, if you don't want to know about anything from the comics that might happen in Captain America: Civil War, then you sure are in the wrong place - potential SPOILERS abound below...)

So. Captain America: Civil War.

It's a hard truth, but by the time the eagerly anticipated threequel arrives on our screens in May 2016, there's a good chance that pretty much every fan (and their dog) will have had at least one major potential plot point spoiled for them. Of course, with the movie being based on a major comic-book crossover event - the shocking end of which gained international media attention - that's pretty much an inevitability, but it's still kind of a shame that it's likely to be nigh-on impossible to go into the movie blind, with only our faith in Marvel's Cinematic Universe for company.

Also, as many pairs of 3D glasses as it takes...
Also, as many pairs of 3D glasses as it takes...

And yet, if the MCU has taught us anything, it's to not take it for granted that any particular plot elements from the comics will end up on the big screen. I mean, sure, Cap was always going to have a shield, and Hawkeye a bow and arrow, but beyond that? Pretty much everything was potentially up in the air.

And so, with Captain America: Civil War now less than a year away, this seems like about as good a time as any to take a look at:

Which Parts of the Comic-Book Civil War Will We See on Screen?

And, since this could otherwise devolve into a giant synopsis of a massive comic-book crossover, it seemed best to break it down into nine smaller parts, in descending order of likelihood.

First up:

(And note, this is where those MASSIVE POTENTIAL SPOILERS kick in...)

1. Iron Man and Cap Are Going to Fight

Now, this may seem like a fairly obvious one, but if there's one element of the comic-book that we're definitely going to see on screen, it's the iconic fight between Cap and Iron Man. Even if RDJ spends the vast majority of the movie in civilian clothes, don't panic: that fight'll be coming along soon enough...

Chances of it Making the Movie: 10/10

2. Friends Will Become Enemies

In the comics, y'see, one of the defining elements of Civil War was how it divided families and friendships - including, most notably, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

Now, theoretically, Marvel could align all of its movie heroes onto two sides without breaking up any established partnerships - if Tony's side in the superhuman divide is exclusively made up of War Machine and the Vision, for instance, it's unlikely anyone but Cap is going to be overly appalled.

More likely, though? Someone closer to Cap - Hawkeye, Black Widow and Maria Hill being the most obvious choices - will end up on Tony's side, causing him no end of existential grief.

Chances of it Making the Movie: 9/10

3. A Hero's Going to Die

Now, in the comics, that person was Bill Foster a.k.a. Goliath, who was killed by a clone of Thor (more on that below) during a standoff between the two opposing forces. Foster, though, hasn't yet appeared in the MCU, which leaves the chances of him being introduced (simply to be killed) somewhere between slim to none.

Foster's death, though, was arguably the most shocking moment of the entire story-line, leaving it all-but certain that a version of it will find its way into the final movie. That, though, means that there are a fair few heroes who need to watch their back...I'm looking at you, Clint and Rhodey...

Chances of it Making the Movie: 8/10

4. Something Bad Is Going to Go Down to Spark the Whole Thing Off

Now, in the comics, the spark that ignited Civil War was a devastating explosion in Stamford, Connecticut, caused by an ill-fated fight between an inexperienced group of superheroes named the New Warriors, and an explosive villain named Nitro.

Now, in the movie, that almost certainly isn't going to happen. That being said, though, there's a good chance that we will see something pretty substantial go down, since the folks at Marvel are usually pretty good at keeping all of their movies standalone viewer-compatible - meaning the Hulk's African rampage in Age of Ultron probably won't do it all by itself.

Chances of it Making the Movie: 8/10

5. Spider-Man's Going to Have a Decision to Make

Now, with Tom Holland having only just now reached a deal to play Spider-Man - and filming already well-under way on Civil War, it seems likely that the rumors he'll be limited to a cameo in the movie are at least close to the truth.

Even so, though, there's surely a good chance we'll see at least a glimpse of the hero's difficult decision-making process from the comics, wherein Peter first revealed his secret identity to the world on Tony Stark's side...

...before soon realizing that his heart was truly on Cap's freedom-loving team, and switching sides.

We may not have time for all of that wavering, but there's a damn fine chance we'll at least see Peter being courted by both sides...

Chances of it Making the Movie: 7/10

6. Cap's Going to Die

Yup. That's right. In the comic-book Civil War, the story culminates not only in Cap surrendering after being attacked by a bunch of ultra-symbolic New Yorkers...

...but also, ultimately, in him being killed.

Now, the existence of a further film in Chris Evans' Cap contract, as well as the fact that pretty much everyone is going to be expecting this going into the movie, may well give Cap another few years of survival...but this one's almost certainly going to happen eventually. Sebastian Stan's contract sure is long, after all, and Bucky sure does take over as Cap in the comics...

Chances of it Making the Movie: 6/10

7. Norman Osborn's Going to Do Well Out of It All

That's right - in the comics, Spidey's greatest foe, Norman Osborn (a.k.a. The Green Goblin) manages to not only come out of the Civil War unscathed, but as the head of his very own (secretly criminal) superhero team, The Thunderbolts. Not too long after, he even manages to become the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D's successor, H.A.M.M.E.R, until everyone kind of works out that he's a psychopathic criminal.

Now, up until a few months ago, the chances of this making it into the movies were somewhere between slim and none - but with Baron Zemo (The Thunderbolts' original leader) confirmed to be in the movie, and with a very MCU-based Spider-Man movie coming up in 2017, the odds are going up by the day...

Chances of it Making the Movie: 5/10

8. Thor'll Be Surprisingly Involved

Now, in the comics, Thor was widely believed to be dead at the time of Civil War, and so that guy up above? That's a clone that Tony Stark for some reason thought would be a good idea.

Now, since Thor's currently just off in Asgard, there's a good chance his comic-book role of 'ludicrously powerful being controlled by Tony Stark' will be taken over by The Vision - but it's not impossible that the movie could begin with Thor's hammer falling to Earth, and everyone assuming that he's dead (thus ably setting up 2017's Thor: Ragnarok).

A Thor's hammer-wielding Vision, anyone?

Chances of it Making the Movie: 4/10

9. Luke Cage and the Netflix Gang'll Play a Key Role

Intriguingly, one of the most important elements of the comic-book Civil War - the integral involvement of the likes of Luke Cage and Daredevil - is likely to not make it onto the big screen, despite the fact that the characters will have been introduced on Netflix by then.

The reasoning? It'd take way too long to introduce them in a movie already over-burdened with heroes. That being said, a brief cameo from a few of the Netflix heroes could probably be managed in more-or-less complete secrecy, and would blow pretty much every massive Marvel fan's mind...

Chances of it Making the Movie: 3/10

The big question, though?

What do you think?


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