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Stephen Adamson

Cosplay is awesome, but cosplay at certain locations can be the absolute best. I mean, love him or hate him, Jaden Smith dressing up as an all-white Batman suit for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding was probably one of the coolest things any person has done at a wedding, ever.

Peep it if you haven't yet...

So, with that being said, check out these kids who decided they were going to dedicate their proms to their favorite superheroes.

1 - Batman-inspired dress

2 - Spider-Man prom dress

3 - An adorable Batman couple gears up for the big night

4 - Another Batman dress

5 - Yet another awesome Batman dress, this one's fancy!

6 - Amazing Tron prom dress

7 - Probably (sorry) the coolest of the Batman ones

8 - Sweet Superman dress

9 - Captain America dress

10 - Hulk dress

In Jaden We Trust™.


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