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E3 2015 is now over. Has it been the roller-coaster ride of new releases and information that the avid gamer had hoped? Well I believe there was mixed views this year. While there were some gems, the convention was mired in vague release dates. However, during the course of E3 we have picked out our top 5 from each of the conferences. So give them a look and see if you agree with our picks!

*okay we did post the Bethesda top 5 in a previous post but I wanted to group all the videos into one post.

Okay there was also the Nintendo Direct show, the Square Enix conference and the first time PC Gaming Show but alas during the course of E3 these aspects were hard to put together a top 5 we felt passionate about.

So do you agree with our picks in the videos? What was your favourite aspects of the conferences or even the whole of E3 2015? Please leave a comment below or on the videos themselves.

- Darcblade


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