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Three days since its release and Arkham Knight has got players hyped with anticipation for various Rocksteady spin-offs of their favourite DC Superheroes.
Here are just a few of the many DC Comics Easter Eggs in "[Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936)"


Batman and Superman. The Cape and The Cowl. The World's Finest. In a game that is highlighted by relationships and team ups, it was only natural that Rocksteady include some Easter Eggs about the Big Blue Boy Scout.

Lex Luthor

If you enter Wayne Tower through the balcony you will hear numerous messages on the answering machine from Lex Luthor, proposing to buy Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division. Looks like Bruce may be screening a few phone calls.

Also if you guys haven't noticed, massive Lexcorp Billboards everywhere. Like massive! I actually thought they were the buildings logo at first.

The Man of Steel

Whilst gliding around the city, you always hear thugs yabbering away about the time they broke out of prison, or how Batman kicked their ass or about some freak in a cape flying around. Oh yeah, a thug totally hints to Superman being active in Metropolis! I myself could not believe what I just heard. I freaked out at the fact that Superman was confirmed to exist in the "Arkhamverse"


One of the many side missions in the game is the many tests of Azrael. If you guys can't remember, Azrael was the guy following us around in Arkham City, who then claimed that a prophecy foresaw that Gotham would burn, as would Batman. Oh, and he was the guy that took over from Batman during the "Knightfall" storyline. In his side missions, Azrael trains to prove to Batman that he is a worthy successor. Also, once the player completes the main story, Bruce tells Alfred that he is done being Batman and that he is to initiate "Project Knightfall" once he has cleaned up Gotham.

Green Arrow/Black Canary

There is a main story mission based in the Queen Industries building, owned by none other than everyone's favourite Green Hooded Billionaire, Green Arrow. Also, Catwoman references that she stole from the said building.

The Black Canary Easter egg you're going to have to take my word for it as it is not confirmed yet. While i was gliding around the city, I had to pause the game to answer a phone call. Once I returned, I heard a thug say "The Black Canary". Now this could mean one of the two things. Either the thug is referencing Green Arrows wife, Dinah Laurel Lance, or he is really missing his favourite bar that pops up everywhere in Arkham City. Either way, Rocksteady really are messing with us

The Atom

A thug can be overheard saying that "Bruce Wayne, he ain't as generous as that Palmer guy" referencing Ray Palmer, secret identity of Justice League member "The Atom"

The Flash

One thug references that Gotham is better than Keystone city, because "you can actually see Batman when he's coming at you" hinting at either the Jay Garrick or Wally West incarnations of The Flash, both of whom operate in Keystone.


During the Hush side mission, Tommy Elliot reveals his motives for sabotaging his parents car and his hatred for Bruce Wayne, much like the 2003 series HUSH

The Killing Joke and Death in the Family

Let's face it, we all thought of these the minute Batman hallucinated Barbara's run in with Joker and Jason's torture and subsequent "Death"

Under The Red Hood

This was one of my favourite Easter eggs, after all the mind games and brutal missions, we finally found out who the Arkham Knight was, and it was none other than Jason Todd. Batman's former sidekick and Tim's predecessor who was "murdered" by the Joker. His unmasking was then followed by one of the games best missions were we got to see Jason's transformation into the Red Hood. By the end of the game, Jason saves Bruce from Scarecrow, redeeming himself in his mentors eyes.


C'mon, I couldn't have been the only guy who thought of Batman The Animated Series when Batman proclaimed to Joker "I am vengeance. I am the night. I AM BATMAN"

The Suicide Squad

Now this one is a bit far fetched and more of a theory. Remember the end of Arkham Origins, when Amanda Waller recruits Slade Wilson/Deathstroke for the Suicide Squad? Well Deathstroke has shown up in Arkham Knight, taking over from Jason as leader of the militia. His appearance confused me as he is meant to be in the Squad, but got me thinking about the Arkham Knight Season Pass. What if one the future DLC's that are "set in the past and future" is a Suicide Squad DLC where you can play as all members of the squad, probably Deathstroke, Harley, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Killer Croc and maybe a meta-human such as Killer Frost or El Diablo.

Gorilla Grodd

No official word on this one yet, but is it not peculiar that Simon Stagg was researching on prime apes? While no gorilla was seen, Rocksteady must have known what they were doing.

GCPD Evidence Locker

In the GCPD Evidence Locker you will find various villains weapons and gear from the past Arkham Games. Among these are Mister Freezes Freeze Gun, Deadshot's Sniper Rifle and Ra's Al Ghul's sword. Upon looking at Talia's display, Batman will have a personal moment of reflection, much like when he paid his respects to his parents in Arkham City.
Once you complete various side missions, the evidence locker will grow.

Did I miss an Easter Egg? Be sure to leave it in the comments and I'll add it in to this ever growing list!


How did you guys find Arkham Knight?


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