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In my posts I will talk about the future of the MCU movies, and I will make 1 to 2 post at least every month. My topics could have possible spoilers but no synopsis because I don't work for Marvel, I just like good movies and comic books. (MMCU-Verse) is abbreviated for my marvel cinematic universe, which means that in these posts I will be writing about what I want in the films according to my opinion and existing knowledge. (These post will cover the rest of phase 3 and could have potential spoilers, for extensive conversation kik me at Reggiewaye).


When it comes to cameos in Marvel films, the major one that everyone wants to see without a doubt is Stan Lee, because they know it's going to be awesome. In my cameo of Stan lee I would have him as one of the people at Cross or the Yellow Jacket presentation of the pym particles, and while everyone is clapping the camera goes to him and he says " Where's the other guy". Other cameos that I would want in this movie is the creator of Scott Lang, and Peyton Reed who I am optimistic about.


TI isn't the best rapper to some people, but I didn't think Paul Rudd was the best choice for Ant-Man at first, my point being is that I really hope Clifford is really playing Bill Foster,"The Goliath", because me like others hope for blockbuster hits to share a lot more of diversity as well as freedom with creativity. Everything that I've heard about Sr. Douglas, role sounds great and sets-up motives for those with the Registration Act, which I'm very excited for, along with the spoilers of Janet.

Post-Credit Scene

This scene should take place at The Avengers tower, where Tony Stark is in a meeting with Hank Pym and the conversation goes sort of like this, Hank: Tony what do you want with me?

T: I need a place to put the enemy.

H: I'll think about it, just don't ask me for a Giant Suit!!!

The End. This scene hints at the Giant-Man suit while also setting- up a prison to put superheroes in, which going to be needed when fighting the likes of Captain America.

After-Credit Scene

The one thing that I think every reader of this post can agree on is that most Marvel credits scenes haven't been as good as they were in Phase One, which is why I made this new scene.

The credits stop rolling and the scene settles, and in a remodeled version of what Ultron first appears in says," The vision is over, soon I will see the Ant!!!". I loved [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), but it was just a amazing popcorn flick which was what you want, but I also wanted to feel the consequences of building the ultimate robot of all time. Ultron was dramatic and scary to me, but for a robot who wants to eliminate humans and a new body, he surely let the majority live and his vibranium seem like a basic metal. The reasons why his obscure weakness didn't affect my enjoyment is, because Disney and Thanos.


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