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I wish I could say that I would this great movie that had me on the edge of my seat throughout it all, but I can't. I can, however, say that I watched a movie so bad that I just had to see how it ended. This movie made me laugh, cry, and want to gauge my eyes out so I didn't have to watch another second. To say the least; it was an emotional journey, one I thankfully didn't have to endure alone.

How did I come across such a terrible movie? One of the worst emotions of all: Boredom. We decided to surf Netflix and see if there was anything good on, instead we found, let's just say; an interesting experience. We were about 5 minutes in when we realized how messed up this movie was. To give you a full effect of how bad this was I'll start with a list of things gone wrong in this movie.

  • 1) The plot was going in eight different directions, I couldn't tell if they were going to go on about Andy and Mandy (P.S. rhyming couple names are so not cute!) or Jini and her really bad nose job. They also introduced so many problems for the characters that it was hard to keep up; drugs, sex, relationships, cheating, school, love. Not to mention that the movie seems to take place in the span of two weeks? If that.
  • 2)The message it was sending was insulting and baffling to say the least. They portrayed all the teens terribly. All the guy's who couldn't afford pants the right size were druggies and getting high in every scene, and the girls who had ever kissed a guy or had an inch or popularity were made to look like the biggest sluts and forced into outfits for a six-year-old. If the guy was blonde, then he was automatically an idiot if he was remotely good-looking; he was a jerk. This movie was built off of stereotypes.
Literally getting high or drunk in every scene!
Literally getting high or drunk in every scene!
  • 3) Don't even get my started on the actors and actresses portraying these characters, they did not fit into their role what-so-ever. The characters in general didn't make any sense and seemed very bipolar. The girl's attitudes flipped every two minutes and the guy's hairstyles were just unrealistic and a total eye-sore. Plus what is it with this movie and completely unrealistic sexual scenes? Ex. Andy and Mandy have sex after barely knowing each other, Tommy gets her a bunch of 'toys' as a present, and lastly Andy just lets some girl drag him into the bathroom for sex?! W.T.F.
  • 4) The whole story between Andy and Mandy goes way to fast to even comprehend the fact that they were into each other. First he's just some guy and the next scene he's her boyfriend or lover. Let's take the beach scene, for example, they were just hanging at the beach and then it led to their first kiss! Mandy and Andy are making-out for maybe 10 seconds before she is starting to take off his belt! They literally have sex within the first half-hour of the horrid film, knowing each other for maybe two days? Video
  • 5) This is a spin-off of the character problem, I'm just picking on Andy. So Andy sees this girl and decides he wants to make her his girlfriend, not even a few days after he tells his friend GF's are bad news. Then he says he's in love or some crap and gives her his mother's ring, to a girl he's known maybe 3 days. After having sex and promising bullcrap to each other, they break-up, over what exactly? He cheats on her! How ironic is that! He and his best friend get in a fight over a girl he's dated for two weeks and then he cheats on her...Mhmm didn't see that coming!
  • 6) Everything from plot to characters were terrible in this film, but I think what bothered me the most, were the effects. For example, when they are getting high, the smoke just seems unnaturally thick, however, I have never done any drugs or smokes so maybe I'm wrong. Plus when they are drinking the cups are so obviously empty that they look stupid with empty cups at a party. Then the last, irritates me the most, look at the picture below.. they are in pouring down rain that a) comes out of nowhere, with no warning and b) doesn't seem to quite fit the geography, in California. However, correct if I'm wrong, but in the kissing scene the couple making out passionately is barely getting wet. They should be soaked from head-to-toe but no, they look as if it's sprinkling! I mean, did their sexual tension build them a force field bubble?!
Does their hair look wet to you?!
Does their hair look wet to you?!

That is just my take on this movie; Getting That Girl, which my friend and I took the responsibility of re-naming; Getting Herpes. I know I bashed this movie the whole time, but I would like to take a moment to thank the actors and actresses that tried their hardest to develop this movie. It's not their fault the script had no way of being saved.



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