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Everyone has their own preference in television shows. Some people love the superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while others love the plot-driven thrillers like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. But there is one thing for certain in the television industry, everyone loves sitcoms.

Sitcoms are often taken lightly, and for valid reasons. Sitcom does stand for situation comedy after all. Comedies are often regarded as empty entertainment, with frequent funny one-liners and slap-stick humor. Even though the jokes make up much of these shows, they often have some real life lessons that we can apply to our everyday life.

True Friends Last Forever...

All of us have those friends that we think that we are going to be hanging out with for the rest of our lives, but those friends often are forgotten after a few years. However, like we've seen in both Friends and How I Met Your Mother, there are those friends that we will never leave behind.

We all have our Ross and Chandler. We all have our Lily and Robin. We have those friends that stick by our side no matter what. Sure we may have our spats here and there, and there may be moments where we think we have damaged our friendships without repair. If they are real friends, they will stay with us no matter what.

...Though Sometimes You Have To Move On

One of the saddest moments in both Friends and How I Met Your Mother is when the gangs end up going their own separate ways. Chandler and Monica move into their own place where they can raise their kids, and Marshall and Lily do the same. Eventually, each member of the usual gang ends up moving on with their life.

While these moments may be sad, they are also true. As close as you may be with your friends, there will most likely be a time where you move farther apart. You might see each other less, but that doesn't mean the friendship has to end.

Nerds Can Be Cool Too

I've grown up with Star Wars. I've grown up with The Lord of the Rings and Spider-Man. Unfortunately, growing up with a nerdy lifestyle isn't always looked kindly upon by others. Nerds have a reputation for being ridiculed, and I grew up thinking that I would never be one of the "cool kids".

The Big Bang Theory taught me that I have been looking at everything all wrong. I shouldn't be trying to be one of them, they should be trying to be one of us. Every time the Big Bang Theory gang had Halo night, or played paintball, or even played Mystic Warlords of Ka'a, I instantly thought that they were pretty cool.

Even Barney Stinson, considered one of the most well liked characters on How I Met Your Mother, wasn't afraid to show off his nerd cred. In his apartment, an impressive abode meant to impress his lady friends, had a stormtrooper outfit standing in the corner.

Never Give Up

Jim loved Pam. That was apparent from the very first season of The Office. However, she was engaged to another man. From Pam being engaged to Roy, to Jim dating Karen, we as viewers were tortured with the thought that these two halves might never make the perfect whole. However, due to Jim's persistence, they started dating in the fourth season, and their relationship rocketed from there.

Just think if Jim had become discouraged sometime during the first couple of seasons. He might have stayed with Karen, and we would have been yelling at our TV screens about how big of a mistake he made. But by persisting, he ended up with a wife, kids, and overall happy life.

While we don't have to be quite in the same situation, the message can still be carried over to any aspect in our lives. If you have some ultimate goal in mind that you feel will make you happy, then go for it. Don't let bleak circumstances deter you. Jim kept going until he achieved his goal, as should we all.


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