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Henry Starling Jr.

Teen Titans #9

Writer: Will Pfeifer

Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

Colors: Dan Brown

Letters: John J. Hill

Covers: Bengal, Scott McDaniel, Tanya Horie

Special thanks: Tom King

DC Comics

"Battle for Superboy: Rogue Targets"

It seems Superboy is in a bit of a pickle. After being accused of a horrible crime, the Titans have to keep their friend in hiding. But how do you keep a "Superboy" contained? The Titans have git their work cut out for them. And to top it off, another super teen team is looking to ask them some questions.

Will Pfeifer tries his best to channel his inner "Runaways". He does his best to try so hard to to convey that these superpowered teenagers are in trouble with regular human beings. I just could not get into this. They try to hard to convince me of they peril these kids are in, that it loses the fact they were involved in an incident were lots of beings died. It the story focused more on that aspect, and if Superboy took a panel or two to exhibit some remorse, this issue would be different.

Kenneth Rocafort's art was also a step above mid-grade. All the characters were blended into the background. The only compelling aspect to the art was the paneling. The colors by Dan Brown did nothing to make the art stand out in anyway. Dark characters set on dark backgrounds.

Overall this was not a good read for me. It felt a bit forced, and rushed. Characters I could care less about, and this issue did not do anything to change that fact.

Rating: 2/5


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