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Many comics have to work really hard to balance action and comedy. In Marvel books, they have found that formula lately with such books as Ant-man, Howard the Duck, Superior Foes of Spider-man and Squirral Girl. But, at the same time, Marvel failed at that delivery on numerous occasions. The same could be said in DC. For each attempt that succeeded, there was at least 2 that failed. The problem is making a book that makes you laugh at the absurdity while still being enthralled by the storyline. A Shay Hahn succeeds in this comic by mixing just the perfect mixture of a storyline with action and a storyline with insanity so that it gives you a book that is impossible to take seriously and also impossible to put down.

The concept is a basic comic concept that has worked for numerous years. A group of cops/crimefighters are trying to do the right thing and are framed for a crime they didn't commit. Instead of hiding out, they continue to fight battles and work to proving their innocence. Now, this is a concept that works for 90% of comic superheroes. But, now it gets insane as their first adventure in this comic takes them against a giant whale that has the personality and memories of one of their partners. Hilarious comedy ensues and you are just staring at it wondering what you just looked at. That is what makes it perfect. But, as writer/artist/editor Shay Hahn states in the opening pages, this is not to be taken seriously and it's a bunch of stories plopped together into a book. Sure, it works together, but who cares as we are soon confronted by killer warewolves that like cheese and a partner who is a super-human boyscout(who turned out to be my favorite character in the book for some absurd reason). The thing that I found most amazing about this comic is the art. Comics these days are relying so heavily on computerized graphics and strange drawings/depictions that we forget what it looks like to see a book that is drawn entirely by pencil, paper and ruler. He gets all the drawings done perfectly and it has a sort of 70's crime drama comic feel to it. If you are in the mood for a book that just makes you crack a smile, then this is a good book for you to read. If you just want a book that relates to Howard the Duck and the Superior Foes of Spider-man, then give this book a try also. I give it an 8 out of 10. Can't wait to see what madness the next issue has in store.

Note: This is an independent book. If you would like to read it or find out how to get a copy, please add A Shay hahn on facebook at

You can also visit his online store at


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