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I know this is hard to believe but some times Hollywood gets it wrong. Thats where we come in. The Hollywood pitch is designed to suggest a version of a movie or premise that might just work. Want to see more Jaws movies? Then you want to see our version, where Richard Dreyfuss returns as Hooper and the Aurora Science Facility has to deal with a large, and seemingly intelligent great white shark. Doesn’t that make more sense than a shark coming after the Brody family in movie after movie? Want another Indy movie? See our pitch for a Chris Pratt lead film set between Raiders and Last Crusade.

Today our attention turns to the galaxy far far away, and a particularly enigmatic bounty hunter…


The rumours are that the second Star Wars Anthology Film will focus on the bad ass, armour clad, highest-bidder-favouring bounty hunter. The project is currently code named “Tin Can”, a possible reference to that pant dampeningly cool helmet, and was originally slated to be director Josh Trank’s first offering. Unfortunately Mr. Trank exited stage right not too long after his no show at Celebration, and so the job is up for grabs. See who we want to take the job by clicking here and sharing. Now the person who steps into the role will have a big, daunting task ahead of them. Not only is there an awful lot of attention focused on that project thanks to the Trank shaped drama, but its following The Force Awakens, the hotly anticipated Rogue One and the Rian Johnson helmed Episode VIII. I’m not sure I’d want anything to do with this film, too much pressure dude. Add to all that the fact that fan boys everywhere are already sharpening their knives for a Boba Fett movie of any kind, thanks largely to how poorly managed the character was in the prequels, and this is a asteroid shaped hot potato.

So, before we get to our simple outline for doing Boba right, lets look at where it went wrong…

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