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Marvel have worked considerably hard on the Iron Man franchise throwing in twists and turns in the comics series and delivering high quality movies. Along the way they have created more than 52 iron man suits and also having Stark Industries create suits for other meta-humans and humans alike such as Peter Parker's Iron Spider suit.



Tony Stark's first iron man suit. Although crude and lacking in appearance. This suit may have been a bit rusty yet it was reliable. Not to mention the fact it has a flamethrower.

Crude, but does the business
Crude, but does the business


This old timer is Tony's backup suit. I personally like the refinement of this armor along with the new repulsor core. It has a lot of new gadgets and additional devices such as a tractor beam, a hologram emitter as to create duplicates of the suit out of light. It also had laser-fingers, a sabresaw, inbuilt fire extinguishers if internal fires start, ECM jamming, sonic emitters, a voice distorter and it could travel underground.


This was Tony Stark's first specialised armor, or secondary armor. It is fusion powered and has life support for 2 days. Clumsy in normal gravity, this armor allowed Tony to travel in space. It was first used to battle 'Sunturion'(Arthur Dearborn) although they worked together in the end. It comes equipped with a Particle Beam Generator, Suction Cups, Impact Control Systems, a finger saw, tear gas bombs and even a sledgehammer to use against the Hulk!



Another one of Tony's specialised armors. It is also known as the Low Observance Armor and was first used to spy on Derr Hand von Himmel in the Heaven's Hand fortress in East Germany. This suit had the same capabilities as the previously mentioned armors but without the weapons and had a 'Stealth Mode' which allowed Tony to go undercover with a Radar-absorbing coating, ECM jamming, and a wave-modifying plasma layer held by a force field to distort incoming radar and sonar signals. Emissions from the jets are washed by super-cooled air as the boots themselves have liquid oxygen rings. This model made way to many other improved models of Stealth Armor.

The later models look waaayyyy better
The later models look waaayyyy better


This powered up suit was first intended for use by James 'Rhodey' Rhodes although Tony ended up using it against Obadiah Stane in revenge when Stane donned the Iron Monger suit. It has all the functions of the previous models of Iron Man armors along with a negator pack which allows Tony to destroy stolen Stark Tech.The suit also has a Heat lance, and variator rays. The great thing about this suit is it's Chameleon Mode which allows Tony to blend in with his surroundings.


The hydro armor was created specifically by Tony to be used underwater to up to 3 miles. This suit had some new capabilities such as an electric field similar to an electric eel. It had mini-torpedoes, and could squirt a chemical into the water like an octopus. The hydro armor was worn on top of any conventional armor. The boot jets had modified turbines and the main armor could be jettisoned if the need arises. Tony used this armor last when escaping from one of his safe-havens under the sea when he was attacked by Namor in World's Most Wanted.

For forays underwater
For forays underwater


The Neuromimetic Telepresence Unit or Remote-Controlled Armor was built by Tony Stark for use whilst his nervous system recovered from being dead. Not essentially a suit of armor, the NTU is effectively a robot that is controlled by Tony Stark and offers him a complete visual, aural and realistic experience. This armor was 'unstoppable' as there was no-one inside it and it could sustain large holes and continue moving without a falter.



This armor is one of the most versatile iron-man suits to date. Being modular, different pieces or modules could be attached to the armor such as the Hulk-Buster module. There was a base unit with the uni-beam as standard but the armor had refractive coating to deal with energy attacks. There was a load-speaker, grappling hooks, Magnetic Rail-gun Launcher with explosive shells, a gravimetric field generator to cancel out the effects of gravity to whatever it was attached to, Shoulder Mounted weapons and a Cryogenic Compact Module.

Standard Modules
Standard Modules


Oh yeah people. This is the moment you all have been waiting for. You couldn't expect me to write this without mentioning the hulkbuster now could you? This Heavy duty armor isn't a suit but is an extension module that goes with the Modular Armor mentioned above. Built in case Tony had to ever go against the green Goliath, passing the test when it was used for the first time, fighting to a standstill.


This armor made its only appearance in IRON MAN #318 -as far as I know. It was built for the harsh sub-zero climates of the arctic and was used to travel to Tony's Arctic bunker . It is colored to blend in with the Arctic environment and is heavier than a normal suit.


No this is not what you all think this is. This armour is essentially bonds Tony Stark with his armor, man+machine. Turning tech into biotech, the armours respond to Tony via thought. One of the most ingenious armors on the bleeding edge of technology, this armor has made Tony one of the most powerful superheroes of all time.


This armor is capable of mass-destruction and is basically just like any other armor except for some other capabilities. It flows like a liquid and is bouncy like a basket-ball and can also become almost as hard as adamantium on command. It has energy blades that also double up as energy shields and 'smart bombs'.


A radical change from the usual sleek design of the other iron-man armors. This armor saved Tony Stark's life and can respond to his thought via psionic sensors. This armor can be used underwater and can dry itself, it has the ability to absorb attacks and throw them back at their owners as plasma. It can also turn invisible, hiding the armor in plain sight.


The god-killer. It kinda explains itself itself doesn't it? Well, the real god-killer is a 25,000 foot armor built aeons ago by aliens to destroy the celestials (gods?) and well apparently the only person who could pilot it was Tony Stark. Well it turned out he couldn't and that the only one who could was his long lost secret brother arno ( don't even ask) and well. Tony decided to rename his Space armor the Godkiller and went to join the Guardians of the Galaxy and well.....

It was briefly shown in Iron Man 3
It was briefly shown in Iron Man 3


Right, so this armor looks WAAAAY better than the original shown before. When A.I.M recreated Extremis and decided to sell it to people all around the world. Tony Stark decided to track down and destroy the armors before they could cause any harm, In enters the mark IV stealth armor. It has light-bending powers and can create illusions and has non-lethal, silent weaponry.

Now you see me...
Now you see me...


This armor is based off the Asgardian weapon Destroyer. Basically and enchanted Bleeding-Edge armor(more on it later) that is covered in Uru metal(the same metal that Thor's Hammer is made of.


This is tomorrow. The Bleeding Edge armor the next step from Extremis. The armor is literally inside Tony via nano-technology and comes out to suit up on Tony's mental command.

It's alright Tony we all know
It's alright Tony we all know


Another armor that explains itself, This armor was built-like the Hulkbuster to battle Hulk-but this time to battle Thor the almighty himself should the need arise to fight him hell Tony probably has an armor to fight all of his allies. Anyway, the armor is immune to lightning strikes and it's shielding can withstand the force of Mjolnir and is powered by a mystical Asgardian crystal with limitless energy. It effectively gives Tony power over the Odin-Force even stopping Mjolnir in mid-flight


Again this armor needs little explanation, it was built to counteract the Phoenix Force when it decided to attack earth. Instead of killing the cosmic force, the armor fractionated the force into 5 pieces which inhabited 5 Xmen that were on the blue side on the moon (the *@$!?).


Oh my god what is it with these self-explanatory names? In a Transformers/Marvel crossover Tony heard of some alien robots heading towards Earth and built a transformers sized mech to battle them. Thank god it was the Decepticons or that would've been pretty awkward.


This armor was built to battle Mandarin or more specifically the Makluan power rings and was extremely energy efficient and was much more stronger than your conventional armor. It had forcefields and was generally way more improved for a 'back to basics' armor.


The Black and Gold armor can turn into a liquid which Tony can mentally control and is well black and gold.


The first armor in the new Heavy Duty lineup, the armor is generally like the Hulkbuster and aside from the color scheme it was designed to battle multiple superhumans at the same time. It has 2 mini-guns a cannon and a powerful laser not to mention an amazing force field.


I'd like to cap up this post with an alternative universe Iron Man armor.Tony stark happened to be in the same car crash in which Stephan Strange lost the use of his hands and went on to find a cure for his friends disability so he could learn magic but then went screw it and learned magic himself, healing strange and becoming the sorcerer supreme. He made an armor that directly channels the Eldritch Forces that normal sorcerers must invoke by name or ritual, which means that Tony can cast spells far faster than any speaking wizard. He used the armor to fight Dormammu and stop an Invasion from the Dark Dimension with the help of the 'eye of Agamotto'.

Looks like Doctor Fate to me
Looks like Doctor Fate to me


What's your favourite armor?


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