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Downton Abbey is one of the most cut throat brutal shows on TV. Forget about Game of Thrones; it's Downton we should worry about for it's willingness to do away with audience favorites, and characters who seemingly tie the plot together. Just think about it. For how long did Sybil Crawly seem to be the emotional core to the show? And then Downton Abbey goes and kills her off just because it simply felt like the appropriate way to end the series. Then there was the ruthless discarding of our beloved Dan Stevens, though it was all in the name of him being reincarnated as an infallible Hollywood-baiting James Bond worthy demi-god!

This veritably callous nature punctuates the schlocky soap opera quality that this show revels in. Downton Abbey can do anything it wants, then simply revert back to it's romantic reverence for older times, and that's the very loop that viewers enjoy being thrown through! With the approach of Downton Abbey Season 6, we fans have to wonder if Downton could revert back to its old ways for one last hurrah. What are the chances of Downton Abbey killing off a beloved character at the end of Season 6?

Julian Fellowes wants a happy ending

Nothing too dour!
Nothing too dour!

Imagine being Julian Fellowes! Just imagine being able to walk into any old people's home in England and say "yo I invented Downton Abbey" and just soak up the adoration like a boss! Fellowes now seems committed to pleasing his fans, stating in recent interviews and Q&As that, although he hadn't yet finished the script to Downton Abbey Season 6, he intended to give viewers a "feel-good" ending. This seems to negate the possibility of a sad finale, though the ending is ultimately still up in the air, and I'm pretty sure the happy resolutions for many of these characters won't come for free.

Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes

I've already spoken the confirmed wedding of Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes here, though recent set photos have revealed just how much Downton Abbey Season 6 is committing to this plot point. It seems the entire cast may be gathering to witness the wedding of these two characters, and so much has built up to it, that I'm fairly sure this story arc is somewhat tragedy proof. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if Downton Abbey Season 6 did decide to go with an elaborate bait and switch.

Tom Branson and Henry Talbot

Give Tom Branson one more shot!
Give Tom Branson one more shot!

So here's a slightly unexpected detail of Downton Abbey Season 6. Both Allen Leech and Matthew Goode have been spotted on set. This confirms our suspicions that Tom Branson would return from America after being oh so determined to leave in the Season 5 christmas special, and Goode's Henry Talbot will grace us with his presence again, despite us all being completely unworthy! With these kinds of sudden developments, I'd suspect that the ending for Downton Abbey Season 6 is still anyone's game, and we could still see the loss of certain characters to cap off the series.

My bet for who could potentially die in Season 6 would be Mr and Mrs Bates. Either of them could get the chop; it just seems like a fitting end for a story arc that has dogged the show with such refined misery. If not them, I'd suspect we could see the end of Maggie Smith's Lady Violet, as it would be her end that could truly cap off the end of an era.

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Should a character be killed off at the end of Downton Abbey Season 6?


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