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(Warning - mild SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War lie below, including the identity of an as-yet unannounced character. Proceed with mild, unannounced caution...)

Now, with the vast majority of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast already confirmed to be appearing in it, it'd be a challenge to argue that Captain America: Civil War is lacking in either Marvel Cinematic Universe connections or star power. Hell, from the sounds of it, there's even room for Black Panther and Spider-Man to make their MCU debuts, and still space for William Hurt's return as General 'Thunderbolt' Ross.

An already bustling call-sheet, though, doesn't seem to be stopping Marvel from adding still more established MCU characters into the mix. The latest casting news?

An Iron Man Star Will Be Making an Appearance in Civil War

Specifically, that Iron Man star - Leslie Bibb's ace reporter Christine Everhart, the Vanity Fair journalist who Tony Stark slept with and then unceremoniously ditched back in his first solo movie.

The actress recently took to social media to confirm that she will, in fact, be returning to the MCU - and, indeed, has already filmed at least one scene: day at work today... #marvel

A photo posted by Leslie Bibb (@mslesliebibb) on

Which means...what exactly?

Well, for one thing:

A Part of Tony Stark's Old Life Might Be Coming Back to Haunt Him

After all, the last time we saw Ms. Everhart, back in Iron Man 2, she wasn't exactly Tony's biggest fan - y'know, what with all that unceremonious ditching and all:

Also, Pepper may not have really helped.
Also, Pepper may not have really helped.

With Captain America: Civil War expected to feature the world - and presumably the media - turn against The Avengers, then, could Christine Everhart's return suggest that she'll be leading the media's charge against Stark and his fellow superhumans? She is, after all, supposed to be a well-known and capable investigative journalist, it seems.

Plus, in her mainstream Marvel comic-book appearances, she's traditionally worked for the Daily Bugle - and we all know how much its famous editor, J. Jonah Jameson, feels about superheroes...

"I like them as much as I like chin hair."
"I like them as much as I like chin hair."

Incidentally, not to get massively over-excited or anything - but could this suggest we might also be set to see J. Jonah Jameson return to the big screen (hopefully still played by J.K. Simmons)?

Well, who knows - but in the meantime, the return of one of Tony's most memorable romantic partners is cause for excitement enough...especially if she ends up being a part of what ultimately causes that Civil War...

What do you think, though?



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