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The Big Bang Theory cast has been together for eight seasons now, and during this time, they seem to have discovered the scientific formula for friendship!

From heartfelt selfies to declarations of love, there is no doubt that this awesome cast are incredibly close, and below are the cutest pictures of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki at work and play:

15. When not even wildly clashing patterns could could keep Kaley and Kunal away from each other

14. When Mayim showed us how that the high jinks doesn't stop when the camera is rolling

13. When Jim and Mayim made us wish Sheldon and Amy's slow blossoming love was real

12. When sunshine and selfies seemed to be an everyday ritual for these best buds

11. When Kaley captioned this photo and made the world go 'awwwww!'

10. When we read the adorable caption on Melissa's Instagram snap

Love my TV hubby & love his movie "We'll Never Have Paris!" In theaters & on itunes now!

9. When Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting pulled a similar stunt...

8 seasons in and as obsessed with this cast as if it was day one. Love u silly faces #bbt

8. When Mayim, Melissa and Kaley made us wildly jealous of their girls night out

7. When THIS awesomeness happened!

6. When the Big Bang boys weren't afraid of having self-depreciating fun together

5. When the cast that dressed together, stayed together

4. When Penny and Leonard crossed into the real world to spread some festive cheer

3. When Kaley literally jumped for joy due to the stellar company kept at work every day

2. When they laughed so much Kunal nearly dislocated his jaw

1. When they finally made the existence of the selfie stick seem justified


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