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These days it seems like there's an unlimited supply of fan art online reimagining Disney princes and princesses in various reincarnations. Some are weird, some are funny, and some are thought-provoking, and if you're lucky you might come across art like that from DeviantArtist YANN-X, whose fan art encompasses all three of these things.

YANN-X, who hails from France, has produced a whole series of images that flips everything you thought you knew about Disney princes upside down by making them all gay! But before you immediately head to the comment section armed with vitriolic comments, take a moment to read through why YANN-X decided to do this (short answer: it wasn't to defile and subvert Disney).

Speaking to The Huffington Post, YANN-X explained that he was inspired by Disney from the age of 3 when he watched Snow White with his father. After the film inspired him to be an artist, he later took inspiration from artists such as Joe Phillips or David Kawena who inspired YANN-X "with their radiant vision of a gay life, as normal and happy as a straight one... and no matter how idealistic, I wanted to be a part of this."

YANN-X goes on to explain that his mission was to "take highlights of our pop culture and show them from another point of view," fully knowing that sometimes people are unsettled by the familiar becoming unfamiliar.

He is also totally prepared for all responses the artwork evokes, knowing full well that the images will have lovers and haters:

Love it or hate it, I’m fine with both, for the worst would be to leave you cold.

YANN-X obviously speaks from a place of authority, having received hate-mail and threats for his artwork in the past.

However, he also wants people viewing the artwork to know that his artwork is in no way intended to subvert Disney, but merely to show these famous characters in new light and perhaps "suggesting to look at life in a different way. People are free to try or not, I’m not forcing anyone."

The reason the artist chose to use Disney characters was simply because they are iconic and recognizable to so many, it was "like using a universal language," ensuring people worldwide understand the message.

Ultimately YANN-X would like people to come away from viewing his artwork with a message of love. Casting aside their beliefs and realizing that everyone should have the right to love, no matter where or with whom.

And of course he wants us, his viewers, to know that "we can all be princes."

Finally YANN-X also shared what he hopes for the future:

I like the idea that in the end, everyone can be happy, just like in Disney movies. It's as if it was a movie about paradise lost... and re-found!

Feel free to share your views on YANN-X images below, but please keep the comments civilized or they will be deleted.

Source: DeviantArtist YANN-X via The Huffington Post, The Mary Sue


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