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Despite The Walking Dead not returning to our screens for another four months, filming on the sixth season of the show has been underway for some time now, and luckily for us, this means delightful videos such as the Michael Cudlitz hosted 'Greetings from Set!'

In the video released by AMC, Cudlitz, who plays Abraham Ford in the series, tours us around many of the shows stars and gets their greetings and thoughts on the sixth season. There's a lot packed in the short video, including a pretty passionate kiss between Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Danai Gurira (Michonne) so take a look at the highlights before watching the whole thing below:

Sonequa Martin-Green a.k.a. Sasha

First up we hear from Sonequa Martin-Green a.k.a. Sasha who tells us about why she was most excited to head back to Georgia to film Season 6, saying:

We ended [Season 5] on a really compelling note, so I'm excited to get going. I hope that we found out a lot more about these Wolves

Michael then asks her what she thinks is going to happen with the rumored big villains of Season 6, the Wolves, but unfortunately all we get from Sonequa is a coy grin and a simple, "we'll see." Aw come on, Sonequa, you can tell us!

Lennie James a.k.a. Morgan

Cudlitz then chats to returned cast member Lennie James a.k.a. Morgan. The two talk about his return to set, but more important than that - they also chat about Morgan's new found skills with his staff! When asked if viewers will find out more about where Morgan learned his skills, and his backstory Lennie simply replies, "I think I know, but I'm not sure." Sorry folks, looks like it's easier getting blood out of a stone, than Season 6 secrets out of this lot!

Christian Serrator a.k.a. Rosita

Michael asks Christian to share a message with us fans in the video and the incredibly sweet actress had this to say:

I appreciate you guys, and that we all love you, and that we're doing it for you -the bumps, the bruises, the toenails that I'm sure I don't have anymore after wearing these shoes, and we're happy that we have you and your support!


Danai Gurira a.k.a. Michonne (with special guest appearance by Norman Reedus)

Danai talks to Michael about how it's "amazing" to be back on set amongst '"family" when something hilarious happens - out of nowhere Norman Reedus sticks his head into frame and starts making out with Danai (who literally embraces the moment)! He then rushes off and an amused Michael Cudlitz yells, "You excited to be back, Norman?" to which Reedus replies, "now I am!" Of course Michael then gives her a kiss on the cheek just to even things out before all three of the stars are called to set to film.

I love it! What a fun-looking bunch!

Cudlitz then finished his tour of the cast and set by letting us all know that Season 6 is going to be "phenomenal" and that episode one is going to blow our minds. AH! I cannot wait!

Finally though, I wanted to throw some speculation out there in regards to the area the cast are shooting.

WARNING: Possible mild spoilers!

Note the van used for runs in the background!
Note the van used for runs in the background!

All or most of the characters, including Alexandrian's such as Deanna, are on set and most are pictured with tools, including shovels. It could be possible that the behind-the-scenes video was shot while the show filmed a segment on Alexandria expanding their boundaries.

In the comic series eventually Alexandria's walls are expanded, and also made much safer than what the zone initially had. This video gives us a little hint that we might get to see that in Season 6 - pretty exciting!

Check out the whole behind-the-scenes segment, which also includes chat from Maggie here:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October, however the cast and crew will also be making an appearance at Comic-Con which is held in San Diego from July 9 - 12.

Source: Comicbook


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