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Chris Westphal

Once again the hate comes pouring forth from every fanboy and fangirl in the damn world. DC is too dark, Jared Leto's Joker has Tattoos, Batman is being played by Ben Affleck. The list goes on and on, no matter what they do DC seems to be spit on by people for their cinematic universe. While they have made some risky decisions these are not necessarily bad decisions. Let's start with Ben Affleck as Batman, he is the first batman I believe ever to actually look like Bruce Wayne. Not only that but Ben Affleck is a solid actor and I can hear all of you shouting Daredevil at me but that movie was not Ben's fault and if you watch the directors cut its not that bad of a movie. His suit is also my favorite of the movie suits so far, it is not an armor or an automated suit it looks like what it is Batman's costume and it is absolutely bad ass.

Next Jared Leto's Joker, the tattoos, I think it is a creative way to go with it. In all reality the Joker has been done and everyone has had to add their own twist to it I believe that's what DC is going for with Leto. Everyone thinks they want a Heath Ledger style joker but if Jared came out and acted just like him everyone would hate it and say they just copied Nolan. Jared Leto has the potential to be the best and most original Joker to date. Jared Leto's Joker could be the most insane and violent Joker to grace our movie screens yet. We have already seen leaked footage of him slapping Harley and being rather eccentric about it after shooting a man so he is definitely going to be unpredictable.

On the darkness of DC's movies I will barely touch on, Batman is their money man, his universe is dark, they are going to stick with what has worked and Nolan did a much better job then the humorous 90's Batman movies. why try to make humorous movies when your characters have always been a much more serious group of characters it wouldn't work having batman making funny quips the whole movie, he is Batman you would leave the theater upset. Be happy with the darkness it gives us something to cleanse our pallet from Marvel movies.

Dc is heading in the right direction with their cinematic universe, we will see what Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad hold for us in the near future and I think it will kick off this shared universe amazingly. They have such an amazing array of characters already coming to the big screen and an even greater plethora of characters in the pages of their comics to pull from. Thank you for reading my very first post it was a pleasure to write, I hope you enjoyed it.


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