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Varia Fedko-Blake

Wild child Miley Cyrus is not afraid to speak her mind, nor is she afraid to love her body for the way that it is.

Any visitor on her Instagram page will know that she's also no stranger to flashing her nips or her unshaved pits. After all, she's a fabulous human and why should she not embrace her natural beauty?

This is why it is still ridiculous that the media continues to mould her into a product that she is simply not.

Recently, photographers have insisted on photoshopping out her grown-out underarm hair when retouching her images. And in response, Miley was understandably outraged - after all, why should someone instruct her on her grooming habits?

So, the pop starlet took to her Instagram to post a shot taken by renowned photographer Terry Richardson, an artist who did NOT feel the need to censor her body hair.

She captioned the photo:

Thank you for not retouching my body hair like SOME people @terryrichardson

Although she hasn't named the photographers she has beef with, it is clear that Miley is far from pleased.

In an industry that only promotes images of the female ideal, Miley's decision to showcase her hairy pits is refreshing. Back in 2013, she told Rolling Stone:

"There's something empowering about what I'm doing right now [...] Especially having "short hair don't care." I think it's empowering for girls. Because there's not one thing that defines what beauty is."

So, if Miley wants to parade around with locks of hair dangling proudly from her underarms, why shouldn't she?



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