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Mad Max: Fury Road was certainly an ambitious project for George Miller, but did you know he had a second Mad Max movie also on his mind at the same time?

Titled, Mad Max: Furiosa, the film was supposed to tell the origins of Charlize Theron's kick-ass, one-armed war-rig driver. As it turns out, the films were originally supposed to shoot back-to-back, but there was a change of plans and only Mad Max: Fury Road was given the live-action green-light.

Undeterred Miller apparently considered turning Furiosa into an anime (something he had also considered for Fury Road in the late 1990s). It seems this plan also eventually fell through, but not before some concept art was developed. The artwork, which was created by Mahiro Maeda, was revealed on a strangely colorful Japanese television show and appears to show a younger Furiosa and Immortan Joe. Indeed, in one of the pieces, it also looks like Furiosa has some kind of weird clockwork sidekick - although maybe that's just a strange flight of fancy on the part of Maeda. In any case, you can watch the clip from the Japanese show below, while I've screenshoted the choicest cuts further down:

According to George Miller, there are still a lot of places for the Mad Max story to go, especially when it comes to the backstories of the Fury Road characters we saw. He told The Playlist:

It's more Furiosa's story and how she came about. Even though it's a chase, to really make the film as authentic as possible we wrote backstories to every vehicle, to every character. We knew Nic Hoult's character Nux from the moment he was conceived, we knew who his parents were, how he became a War Boy.

Perhaps, with the major success of Mad Max now assured, this project - live-action or animation - can also be booted back to life? Regardless, we will at least be getting a Mad Max: Furiosa comic book - although its content has apparently divided fans.

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