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Warning: This post is crammed full of spoilers and speculation over 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and 'Game of Thrones'. So if you're not up to scratch, go get up to scratch. But if you are, come see what you make of this theory...

It was almost two years ago when I was basking in my honeymoon period with the fruits of G.R.R. Martin's imagination A Song of Ice and Fire and its incredibly epic televisual counterpart Game of Thrones. Tearing through the series of novels in a surprisingly short amount of time (hashtag humblebrag).

The rush of joy when Robb Stark is appointed "King in the North", and the despair when Lord Commander Jon Snow gets murdered by his own brothers, after doing the smart thing and letting the wildling horde pass into Westeros.

I literally lobbed the book across the room at that point, exclaiming "what's the point in continuing this now? Nearly all of the noblest characters have descended into crow's feed. I might as well burn these damn books!"

End Of An Era?

As season 5 came to a close, I really, really hoped it wouldn't follow in the novels' footsteps and kill off Snow, but it did and it hit just as hard as it did that time ago. Jon Snow, my favorite character, is dead. Great!

But some exciting information has come to my attention that casts a heavy finger in the direction of Jon Snow actually still being alive, or shall be resurrected... somehow.

Indulge my madness for a second...

And henceforth rained a monsoon of spoils. If you don't want to know the possible parentage of Jon Snow, leave this horrid place!

The Curious Case of Jon Snow

An Interesting Casting Call

Arthur Dayne
Arthur Dayne

(H/T to Henning Ludvigsen for this wonderful illustration)

The heroes over at The Watchers on the Wall have gotten their hands on the casting call for GoT S6, and there are some very interesting additions in there, namely this gem:

Legendary Fighter: A man in his thirties or forties who is a great swordsman and a paragon of knighthood. He carries a hugely famous sword on his back. The show is seeking a very impressive swordsman for the role- the best in Europe, for a week of filming fight scenes for a season 6 role. His ethnicity/race isn’t specified, unlike many other roles.

This must allude to the casting of the "legendary" knight Ser Arthur Dayne, otherwise known as "The Sword of the Morning", which holds particular significance surrounding the identities of Jon's parents.

The Tower of Joy

(Illustration by mrgotland)

Way back in the first book, Eddard Stark suffered a fever dream that took us on a journey back to Robert's rebellion against the throne. Ned, and his party of warriors, which included Howland Reed, amongst others, were on their way to the Tower of Joy to rescue Ned's sister Lyanna Stark.

After arriving at the tower, the men entered battle with three members of the Kingsguard named Gerold Hightower, Oswell Whent and Arthur Dayne, who were posted there to protect the "kidnapped" and pregnant Lyanna. Seeing as Rhaegar was long dead by the time Stark and co. reached the tower, you'd assume that the knights were there to protect the Royal baby.

After the battle, the only men remaining were Stark and Reed, Jojen and Meera's father. Stark raced to save his sister, but when he arrived in the chambers, he found her dying in a pool of her own blood. She made him swear a unknown promise as he took the child, the promise more than likely being him raising Snow as his own, in order to protect him from his deadly parentage.

Naturally Ned agreed and the rest is history.

Kill The Snow And Let The Targaryen Be Born

This is the reason why I reckon Jon Snow cannot be dead. If Dayne is going to be introduced in flashback, what's the point in introducing his birth? And seeing as the casting hasn't requested "a lord of small stature", which is how Howland Reed is described, you'd be right, again, to assume this flashback will be seen through the eyes of Bran Stark.

Why Is Melisandre Back At The Wall?

R'hllor, the Lord of Light works in some crazily obscure ways, like bringing the dead back to life, as evidenced by Beric Dondarrion's numerous rebirths at the hands of the red priest Thoros of Myr. That suggests Melisandre can also resurrect people, and, if the prophecy of Azor Ahai is anything to go by, I reckon Melisandre will finally get her firey mitts on young Snow.

Azor Azai?

(H/T to Jordi Gonzales Escamilla for the illustration)

Allegedly Azai was the mythical hero, that put a stop to the rampaging armies of White Walkers a millennia ago in the books' timeline, that wielded a sword forged of Dragonsteel (Valyrian steel...). Melisandre's mistake was believing Stannis was the chosen messiah, when it was Jon who was able to slay a White Walker with one strike of his sword.

The quote to the left was spoken by Melisandre in season 2, as she burnt the effigies of the seven. This has particular resonance, because in the books when Lord Commander Jeor Mormont was saved from the wight by Jon, the fire that stopped the wight also damaged Longclaw, Mormont's Valyrian steel sword, which he would later gave to Jon. So basically, Snow pulled the sword from the fire, sparking my crazed ramblings for the past few minutes.

Jon could be the reincarnation of Azor Azai.

The Three Headed Dragon

I believe the prophecy of the "dragon with three heads" alludes to Dany Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow, mainly because the fate of the world lies with Snow and his brothers in black, and, of course, Dragonfire.

Let's assume that Dragonfire, alike Dragonglass, can kill White Walkers, since we already know fire defeats wights. The Night's Watch's supply of Dragonglass was presumed lost at Hardhome, which renders man's future unbalanced until a message travels across the Narrow Sea to Meereen.

Let's say Dany pulls the Dothraki to her side, and heads back to Meereen with Drogon and her horde of horsemen, and sees that Tyrion and her friends have done a noble job of ruling her city. They become very close, with Tyrion even being promised to once again become the Hand of a ruler.

Word arrives that winter has descended upon Westeros, and Tyrion, being the great man he is, advises Dany that the time to strike is now - what's the point in trying to win a land of the dead - plus Tyrion has a great respect for Jon and the Night's Watch.

Dany, the Unsullied, the Dothraki, her dragons and council head across the Narrow Sea, and straight for the Wall, aiding Jon Snow, the Night's Watch and the wildlings in their battle against the dead. Jon has already learnt of his parentage by being contacted by Bran via the Weirwood tree the brothers swear their oaths.

And later the journey south begins, where revenge ensues as the Lannisters and their bannermen are wiped off the earth, leaving Westeros to prevail under the watchful eyes of the betrothed King Jon Stark-Targaryen and Queen Daenerys Targaryen. And songs will be sung about the reign of Ice and Fire for time immemorial.

It's a beautiful dream, but as it stands that's all it is. But it could happen, and if it does... you heard it here first! But it probably won't. This is G.R.R. Martin's work after all.

What do you think?

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