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Karly Rayner

I love Tom Hanks in all of his eccentric typewriter-collecting, kindhearted glory and now he has made another notch on my heart by, once again, treating fans with disabilities with the utmost respect.

A young fan named Sarah Moretti, who is on the autistic spectrum, got the opportunity to meet Hanks backstage at his play, Lucky Guy and she certainly wasn't disappointed with her idol.

Take a look at the cute 19-second video below to see what I mean:

The description on the YouTube video explains how Tom Hanks has changed Moretti's life for the better over the years, it reads:

Sarah's the Lucky Girl backstage with Tom Hanks after Lucky Guy...Sarah's followed his career for many years. He was so generous and kind to her. What a man! Sarah is special because she has autism and following him all these years made her life a lot better!

Cheers Tom, I really, really, really, really, really like you even more now!

(Source: Live Leak)


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