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The first photos from [Ghostbusters (2016)](tag:32733) have been released, as shooting commenced in Boston last week. Naturally, the internet is alive with discussion. The decision to switch the gender of the main characters has caused much debate, and all eyes are on Hollywood's latest instalment of nostalgia reboots. So why the change? And how will it affect the future landscape of cinema?

Chris Hemsworth to play sexy secretary

Yes, you read that right. The ghost busting gang' helpful receptionist will be played by non other than the thunder god Thor himself.

Paul Feig releases the news to the Twittersphere.
Paul Feig releases the news to the Twittersphere.

This is fantastic to hear, and not just because we can't wait to see the mighty Hemsworth grapple with the Slimer (also confirmed to appear). After flying around with The Avengers, it'll be a nice twist to have Hemsworth in a sidekick role. Plus, it'll give Hemsworth a chance to stretch his comedy muscles. The actor is mostly known for his sci fi and superhero roles, and we can't wait for the witty banter to fly between him and Saturday Night Live veterans Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Elizabeth Banks.

The story so far...

Thanks to a juicy script leak, we've got our first details of what's in store for everyone's favourite ghost fighting team. The Boston Herald reported the story, revealing that after a rocky start with Wiig's character facing public ridicule for her ghostly conspiracy theories, there's victory on the horizon for the team.

Wiig reunites with McCarthy and the other two proton pack-packing phantom wranglers, and she gets some sweet revenge when ghosts invade Manhattan and she and her team have to save the world.

Here's hoping we get a homage to some of the golden moments from the original Ghostbusters film: who doesn't want to see Wiig face off with Slimer?

Bill Murray vs the Slimer
Bill Murray vs the Slimer

Having said that, one of the most fun things about the original was the classic effects. As dated as they look now, at the time they were pretty impressive, and when re-watching they just add to the fun. Will today's glossy CGI ruin this? Maybe. But it'll be awesome to see more realistic ghosts, as long as they keep their cartoonish aesthetic.

New casting: Miranda Hart to join to team!

Miranda Hart seems set to add her brand of awkward humour to the cast: Paul Feig was so impressed with her performance in Spy that he's determined to fit her into Ghostbusters somewhere...

Check out the video for his thoughts, along with McCarthy's reasons to be excited about their new film.

What's so groundbreaking about the ladies?

Nothing! Or at least, it shouldn't be revolutionary to have women be the heroes instead. But recasting and gender changing is still seen as a radical move, and the initial announcement caused its fair share of outcry...

But the most interesting thing is the parts these ladies will play. Paul Feig is no stranger to casting women in non-traditional roles. Melissa McCarthy especially does not shy away from characters who are far from glamorous: her characters in Bridesmaids and The Heat were gritty, gross, and hilarious in equal measures. The original ghostbusting gang are not known for their sex appeal. They were just ordinary guys, doing an extraordinary job, and usually getting covered in ectoplasm (and other miscellaneous fluids) for their trouble.

So it's gonna be nice to see the women get their hands dirty for a change, and hopefully this will lead the way for more ass-kicking, grimy lady heroes on the silver screen. Who knows, maybe rebooting with women in the main roles will become a Hollywood trend! Could we see a new Back to the Future with female Marty, or the Blues Brothers return as the Blues Sisters?

In the meantime, grab your proton packs and ecto goggles, it's time to bust some ghosts!


Gender switch Ghostbusters: yay or nay?


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