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Huge Grand Theft Auto news hits the Internet today as one of GTA's voice actors has revealed to the world where the next installment of GTA will take us.

The ever so charismatic Shawn 'Solo' Fonteno who provides the voice of Franklin in GTA 5 is up to his old tricks again. This time around Shawn has taken to Instagram to tease his latest ground-breaking reveal.

Fonteno's last tease came about last year when he suggested that he may be getting his own GTA spin-off. Fonteno's latest reveal seems to carry a lot more credibility.

Solo's latest post pictures him back in his full motion-capture suit conveniently posing in front of the GTA: Vice City poster. Shawn not only provided the voice for Franklin but he also provided the movement. The character Shawn portrays is all about attitude. Fonteno insisted on providing the swagger for his character.

Grand Theft Auto - Fonteno
Grand Theft Auto - Fonteno

There's more! Shawn captioned the cheeky snap, "Shhhh....Y'all know why I got this suit on."

I am not one to jump to conclusions, but this suggests to me that Fonteno is currently working with Rockstar on the next chapter of GTA. The picture of GTA: Vice City again concurs with previous rumors emerging from within Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

The fans have voted and petitioned tirelessly to see a revival of Vice and they may just be finally getting it. Rockstar themselves even stated that more is yet to come:

"Substantial additions...continuing Michael, Franklin and Trevor's action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas"

The assumption is that this, of course, is a continuation of GTA V, and we all know that Rockstar are one of the world's best at ensuring a games longevity. GTA 6 remains a mystery but at least we can be sure that we have not heard the last of Franklin!

GTA - Franklin
GTA - Franklin

Vice City took us back to the decade of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads. Vice City was revolutionary to the series as it was, by far, the biggest city we had ever been given to explore.

Comprised of an urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the ghetto, it offered the most varied and real city to date. Now it seems that it is time to take a drive back down the coast and into Vice.

Are you ready to go back to Vice City?

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