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Since the first Avengers movie, Thanos has been searching and attempting to collect the Infinity Gems. In Infinity War, Thanos will probably wield the Infinity Gauntlet and will have all six Infinity Gems and will unleash evil and chaos. Well, how is Thanos going to do this? Keep reading to find out!

What is Thanos' plan of destruction?

So far, we have been introduced to four of the six Infinity Stones. All four of the revealed Stones have lead to the demise of a villain in a Marvel movie. Let's go through the villains and the Stones.

The Space Stone - The Tesseract

The Reality Stone - The Aether

The Power Stone - The Power Orb

The Mind Stone - Loki's Scepter

What does all of this mean for Thanos and Infinity War?

Once Thanos has all six of the Infinity Stones in his possession, he will bring back all of these previous villains to help him conquer everything. Whenever the Time and Soul Stones are introduced, I expect a villain to be destroyed or killed by that stone, which would help support my theory. Check out my other article about the future of the Infinity Stones to find out more. Do you agree with my theory? Do you think Thanos will create a mini-army of his own? Let me know down below! If you enjoyed this article, click that follow button!


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