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Last week you came, you posted, you conquered. Now reap those Moviepilot trends as Kings & Queens of content.

Siriusly Back. No matter the epoch, Harry Potter fandom never falters. Find new easter eggs, catch old actors in new roles, and go face-to-felt with the Sorting Hat.

Get Back In The Water. Happy 40th, JAWS! Your 10 Juiciest Moments still scare us. Your review from 1975 still rings true and clear. And your sharp teeth still look wicked in these poster remakes.

Hooked On Hulk. Who's the hardest hitter in Marvel? Some might say Beyonce.. But regardless, there won't be a solo film -- here are the reasons why.

Serial Killed. After 3 psychopathic seasons, NBC's Hannibal has been cancelled. But hark! Could that really be a saving fate? If not, Fannibals, better petition your hearts out.

New Spider Bites. Spidey-Man has been officially cast on screen for Sony-Marvel, and on paper for Marvel Ultimate comics. Both picks are basically as good as this Supreme Court Spidey pun.


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