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Manas Rai

Hey guys, just wanted you people to catch up with my stuff, I am watching Inside Out on Saturday evening so I am not sure if I will be able to upload the review as soon as I want to, maybe Sunday, I am thinking of making a spoiler review as well, and if you are living in the west, it may come a bit earlier, I am not sure. Also, the real announcement is that I am going to do another countdown list, as I had fun doing it with Pixar films, and this time it is going to be my Top 15 favorite protagonists, I will definitely try to make it shorter, but no promises there and I will be chosing characters from Movies, T.V shows and Anime, all in one list, So I hope it is interesting. As to when it might come out, not sure, but it will definitely come within 3-4 days, I promise. Thanks for the 100+ reads on my profile (it is coming up to 150), I know it is very little for many, but it means so much to me, thanks for the support and stay cool people.

So that’s that….Will see you guys next time and until then

Cheers…and take care


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