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Mondo, the art poster division of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain, is great at finding young up and coming talents to do their posters.

New York based graphic illustrator Sam Wolfe Connelly is the latest to be given a Mondo commission.

Connelly's earlier works are filled with memento mori references, portraits that function as death masques, before and after suicide moments, depressives, demon limbs, hovering apparitions, and witches. And those are the happy paintings! You can see a gallery of them here.

Connelly did an earlier Scanners soundtrack cover that is more monotone than the shocking red one that he re-imagined for the Mondo folks. That was probably the one piece that convinced Mondo that he had the talent to do seriously creepy and scary versions of The Thing and The Brood. That and a thing for the seriously dark and horrific that borders on the obsessive.

The Thing poster is shocking in the way Connelly manages to show blood without actually using the color red. Every shape, swirl, and shade functions as an echo of being dragged to Hell.

The Brood poster gets a seriously creepy vibe through Jesus and Mary Madonna echoes, a hint of Gustav Klimt's portraits of the eternal femine, and a dose of Princess Leia hairstyles that makes one wonder if the child in the belly is Satan or Darth Vader.

To see more of Sam Wolfe Connelly's works visit his website.

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The Thing (18" x 24" screen print in hand numbered limited edition of 275 and costs $40)

Scanners (18" x 24" screen print in a hand numbered limited edition of 175 for $40)

The Brood (18" x 24" screen print in a hand numbered limited edition of 175 and costs $40)

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