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To start with I greet all of you reading this. This is my first post and I hope that you will like it. Recently i have watched Dare Devil by Netflix and i just want to compare him with Dare Devil by Marvel Enterprises. First of all i'm a big fan of him and i enjoy watching and reading comics about our DD. I believe that a lot of you noticed how Dare Devil in series is ''darker'' than Daredevil acted by Ben Affleck. Likewise Wilson Fisk is more reserved than Michael Clarke Duncan and that's probably like that because we know more about his history. But then he compensated all that in combat. If we combine movie and series i think that then everybody will be happy about Devil from Hell's Kitchen. Then we will have both, dark but in the same time more open hero and full badass villain. This is just a little something to start with. Sorry for my English grammatical mistakes.

>>You don't get to be the man on top without making enemies looking to tear you down.<<


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