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The early 2000s were a pretty wild time. In the heyday of Myspace, MTV original programming, and the release of the iPod, we were pretty busy as a society! As busy as I felt as a young pre-teen, I might as well have been sleeping the whole time when you compare what I did to what the Olson twins were able to accomplish.

They didn't become two of the wealthiest women in entertainment by sitting around. The dynamic duo built a freakin' empire! Their presence could be seen on everything from feature-length films to toothpaste. Here are 15 things from the teen moguls you might have forgotten existed:

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Dating Game book

Which was later turned into a major TV series. Who says adaptations can't work?

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume

Not to be confused with...

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley "London Beat" body mist

Because body mists were very important in the naughts.

4. Mary-Kate and Ashley shimmering crackle mousse

Scented like peach freesia because of COURSE it was. And what the heck is "shimmering crackle" and why would anyone want it in their hair?

5. Mary-Kate and Ashley curling iron

To get their signature gelled waves. *Sorry for the potato picture

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Aquafresh toothpaste

Look at those bright smiles! Don't you want to have one of those bright smiles? Sure you do!

7. Mary-Kate and Ashley makeup line

Which you can still buy, apparently.

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine

A short-lived journalistic endeavor, but important nonetheless.

9. Mary-Kate and Ashley boombox

Because the music sounded better when you knew it was the same quality that MK&A were listening to at home.

10. Mary-Kate and Ashley fashion dolls

Here is just one of many versions of Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls. In this case, the New York Minute box set gave you both girls! Meaning you could switch between a blonde or brunette depending on your mood.

11. Mary-Kate and Ashley video game

Again, what exactly is a Magical Mystery Mall and why do I want to go there so badly? What's wrong with me? I think my shimmer crackle hair-loving side is showing.

12. Mary-Kate and Ashley board game

Nothing says "friendship connection" quite like finishing a board game without wanting to kill everyone around you.

13. Mary-Kate and Ashley furniture

I can't be the only person who was dying to have one of those fancy vanity mirrors, right?

14. Mary-Kate and Ashley party supplies

There ain't no party like an Olsen twin party because an Olsen twin party don't have the entire Full House cast in attendance.

15. Mary-Kate and Ashley beaded trim

Add some classic MK&A pizzaz to any of your household items, whether your parents like it or not.

Nothing quite says early to mid-2000s like the scent of Mary-Kate and Ashley body mist, I know that much for sure. Did you guys own any of these Mary-Kate and Ashley products? I know I did.

(Via: MTV News)


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