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With under a month to go before we feast our eyes on the long-awaited ‘Ant-Man’ movie, the HYPE generator has been set to overdrive.

Lots of TV Spots, amazing posters and the odd image from the set, have being dropping sporadically since [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) came out – makes sense as it officially wraps up Phase Two of the MCU!

But with the surge of interest coming from fans that read the comics and follow the films and those who just follow the movies, could Ant-Man be the film that follows in the footsteps from the highly successful Guardians of the Galaxy?

Let’s go back approximately a year.

It’s 2014, Phase Two is well underway for Marvel and we’re gearing up, very slowly, to the Age of Ultron. GoTG is slowly approaching its release date but hardly anyone is backing an eyelid. People were predicating it would be a flop and that the audience wasn't ready for a space themed superhero movie – Thor aside, (if it counts as a space themed film) it was a gamble for Marvel, a gamble that paid off…massively, with the film raking in over $770 million worldwide to date.

Could Ant-Man be as popular as Guardians?
Could Ant-Man be as popular as Guardians?

Now could Ant-Man get near that kind of total and popularity? Maybe.

There will be a few of you who know all about the future Avenger. You would have read the comics, seen the cartoons and know what to expect from the film-ish. Whereas there’s folk who don’t read the comics and adore the films and may not be familiar with the characters of Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne, it sounds familiar doesn’t it?

When I went to see GoTG, I didn’t know anything. Ziltch. Zero. Nothing. I didn’t know who Star Lord was or Groot, never mind Ronan the Accuser. But I took the time to see it and I left my local cinema in complete awe of what James Gunn created. It was funny, dramatic and totally threw me off in terms of how Marvel do their thing with their movies – it was so different, which I liked and I can see Ant-Man doing the exact same.

The fact that you have the familiar face of Paul Rudd playing the kind of character he plays most of the time – superhero aside – it could be appealing, as too Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly (LOST). The trailers, TV Spots and artwork have worked very well in Marvel’s favour, in particular at the end of the second trailer – go see it if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s bound to raise a smile.

Like Guardians, there’s little to pick up from the media, there’s not a lot to go on which is perfect for the audience. They’ll be going to see a Marvel film but have near no clue what the story will throw at them.

It’ll be a science we’ve never seen in the superhero franchise yet and I think we’re all interested to see how Peyton Reed has pieced this together and of course, the mid-credits bit after.

End of the day, I think Ant-Man will really turn a few heads and will do well in the box office. It won’t beat the second instalment from the Avengers, but it might challenge The Winter Soldier and Guardians. Either way, it’ll be another Marvel extravaganza!


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