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Art by: Jerome Moo Wen Han

I am sure the task of fitting 17-30 chapters into one film is just as challenging and stressful as getting through the Triwizard Tournament Maze, if not more. Mainly because directors are Muggles and don't have the ability to perform magic.

Regardless, I enjoyed the Harry Potter films, even though there were a few plot lines and characters missing. Thankfully, some creative Harry Potter fans who are incredibly skilled artists have created some phenomenal fan art to fill in the gaps of some major holes.

1. Peeves

Art by: Ayne Greensleeves

I really wished Peeves had been included in the films. I would have loved nothing more than to see him taunting the students, pulling pranks, and singing silly rhyming limericks. "Give her hell from us, Peeves." is also one of my favorite parts of the film!

2. Professor Binns

Art by: Chiparoo

It makes sense why Professor Binns was cut from the film; I wouldn't want to watch Harry, Ron, and Hermione sit through a boring History of Magic lesson any more than they'd want to be in the class.

However, it would have hit me right in the nostalgia.

3. The Deathday Party

Art by: DanChampy

Ghosts have always fascinated me, and knowing that even the dead throw parties makes me not so nervous for the afterlife. I would have enjoyed watching Harry, Ron, and Hermione super uncomfortable as terrible music wails on in the background while the ghosts attempt to eat the disgusting food.

4. Gnomes

Art by: Adam Brockbank

I played the Harry Potter computer games, and my favorite part was grabbing the gnomes and flinging them away before they took jellybeans from you.

I think they would have been adorably ugly if they had been included in the film, and I know Fred and George would have the most hilarious interactions with them.

5. Ludo Bagman

by jlestrange

We all know a Ludo, and he shall remain nameless, but the one I know just happens to be in my family. The oversized man-boy in his old Quidditch robes would be hilarious to watch.

6. Veelas

Art by: Magrad

Sexy ladies who then turn into angry demon-like creatures when upset? Who wouldn't want to see that?

7. Winky

Art by: VivalaVida

Perhaps I am slightly influenced by Hermione, but I think the film lacked some serious elf representation. Winky is a direct example of what happens when you treat house elves poorly, and I think she served as an important lesson. She also sounded so adorable in the books, and I already thought Dobby was too cute.

8. S.P.E.W

Art by: MaraudersInTardis

Which brings us to S.P.E.W. As a vegan who is interested in bettering the treatment of animals, this really hit a chord with me. Hermione is trying to do good and improve conditions for the voiceless. She may go about it in a much more annoying manner than I do, but I appreciate how much she cares.

9. The Sphinx

Art by: Nimoda

The Sphinx is a very well-known mythological creature. Just reading about her in the Goblet of Fire intrigued me! As if women aren't fierce enough, we have this captivating creature that is part lion, party woman.

10. Merope Gaunt

Found on fanpop

Voldemort's past, which plays a huge part in his future, was barely discussed, including the tragic story of his mother Merope and how she magicked a handsome Muggle boy to fall in love with her. In general, Rowling should just write another series about Voldemort's history detailing his ancestors as well as how he rose to become the Dark Lord.

A shout out to these mind-blowingly talented artists who provided us visuals for what was missing from the films. We might have purposely overlooked them while watching the films, but in the back of our minds we secretly craved seeing Winky, the Sphinx, the Veelas, and more.

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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