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Black Ops 3 has finally been unveiled and to be honest, it's not what a lot of us were expecting. The Call of Duty franchise split into two different sections following the enormous success of the Modern Warfare games. Black Ops was to be a very different kind of game to what Infinity Ward were developing. When it was released in 2010, it gave players the opportunity to explore the inner workings of espionage in a time that Video Games rarely visited: the Cold War.

The game also allows us to play flashbacks to World War II - which is the era that most war games up until this point were set - and also Vietnam (the most harrowing section of the game in my opinion). Black Ops also came with the famous and wildly successful zombie mode - something which has extended over to Advanced Warfare. The point being; Black Ops demonstrated itself to be a very different kind of shooter to Modern Warfare. However, Black Ops 3 has seemed to abandon its roots and become Advanced Warfare 2 - why?

Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Has Become Advanced Warfare 2

I never really sing the praises of the Call of Duty franchise - aside from the Spec Ops missions in Modern Warfare 2, which are still ingenious - but that being said, I've played every addition to the franchise. Yep, even Ghosts *shudders*. I'll probably play Black Ops 3 along with it and there's one reason for that - they are a ridiculous amount of fun. Activision have some of the best shooting mechanics in the business and it's still a pleasure to engage with these games, while checking out which celebrities they've brought on board with every new instalment.

But why has Activision chosen to abandon the older warfare approach? Black Ops II was unbelievably successful. Of course it took place in 2025, but it also returned to the 1980s. We didn't have crazy jet packs and other such gear. So perhaps with the release of Titanfall and Advanced Warfare, Activision felt like this was the way that the shooter industry was going. In order for every instalment of the franchise to succeed - I guess the future is the way to go with Black Ops 3 taking place 25 years after Black Ops 2.

Advanced Warfare 2
Advanced Warfare 2

Are You Excited for the Release Date of Black Ops 3?

But isn't that going to undercut the power of Advanced Warfare 2? Are we not going to be playing the exact same kind of game when it gets its release date? What are the new features present in Black Ops 3?

  • New abilities thanks to Deus Ex-like cybernetic augmentations
  • The campaign features 4 player co-op
  • A huge array of customisation options
  • Advanced Warfare-like agility
  • A new zombie mode with its own progression system
  • Massive overhaul of multiplayer
  • Release date is set for November 6th, 2015
Black Ops 3
Black Ops 3

So yeah, we're kind of getting Advanced Warfare 2 and Deus Ex, which makes Black Ops 3 sound even stranger. I really wish that Activision had taken Black Ops 3 into the past, rather than cementing it even further into the future. We have too many of these games now and the Black Ops franchise was to be a breath of fresh air in this regard.

But what do you think Call of Duty fans? Are you happy with the direction Activision has taken the Black Ops franchise? Do you wish it didn't seem like Advanced Warfare 2? Or is it just some good multiplayer and zombie action that interests you? Let us know in the comments!


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