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My story so far before I came to Enham

When I was born, I was born normal when I was 7 month and half I was ill so my mum took me to the hospital and she ring my dad but the Dr can't do anything to me so my mum took me to the other hospital I was ok so if wont for my mum I wasn't here, when I was little girl I was trouble I run away from school and I nearly bun the house. When we went to London, my middle brother didn't like me whenever my step dad my my mum go to work, my brother always kick me out of the flat, one day my mum told me and my brother to have a shower together to save the water so in the afternoon my brother told me to come in and I went to get ready for a shower then my middle brother always bully me and when mum came back he Pretend to be my friend so the phone bills was high and my mum blame at my step dad and we moved, I was in the normal school but they push me downstairs and they laugh at me because i was talking in Swahili I couldn't understand English at all but one girl who talk to me I was happy lunch time and the people keep take my pack lunch so I didn't tell my mum so I was not happy so the head teacher tell my mum so my mum took me to disable school that was nightmare in the world because one black girl was bullying me by saying to everyone to don't talk to me I was alone then one day in the bus one girl called sarah was bullying me then one girl call Vibhuti help me out bless her, Vibhuti can't talk but when someone piss her off by bullying someone she try to help you, and that is why me Vibhuti become best friends and I am the only one who can understand her without using her pc and her book so her mother and father and sister love me and she live 3 minutes away from me so every weekend I go there and we spend time together. So I like school and I have another 2 friends and they can't talk we play and play. One day Frances went swimming and someone was calling her saying it time to get out and time to get dressed and she jumped and she died when she arrived at the hospital, I was crying so I had 2 best friends, on 2003 I went in the holiday called PHAB Week I had Claire and Louise my two helpers I was home sick and I had period and my tummy is hurting me so Louise was fantastic helper because she makes sure that I was ok but Claire didn't bother about me she only bothered about one guy who is a camper and he name was Clive and I was angry with my helper claire but I suppose to do. I left her alone and hanging around with my another helper Louise, one helper which is the boy helper his name was Ben ONG I fancy him and I didn't tell anyone I keep it to myself. In 2004 I went back to PHAB Week, I had Claire and Harriet, I didn't even like Claire because we went out as as group then I was walk but very tried and I was borrowing someone wheelchair and claire was pushing me in the wheelchair and she told me that put your leg up because you soooo heavy for me to push me I was feeling down so I try to push myself to Harriet so she can put me not Claire so I didn't like her at all, I was still in the school even though people bullying me I still be strong myself and hide away from everyone but is not easy, in 2005 I went back to PHAB week I had Harriet and Frances, Frances was fantastic helper because whenever I feel upset or ill she give me a hug and then I was Charlie I fancy him and alway give me a hug and kiss me in the chick and I like it, I went to PHAB Week in 2006 and 2007 so I didn't go again.

when I was finish school social services in London didn't know where to put me so I move college to college 20 times in the past 7 years since 2005 I was ok with it but I couldn't make any friends and every time when my GCSE exam start I moved college I use to hate that, finally social services find the college that I like that is residential college I like it because me and mum was fighting and I wasn't happy at home social services say to me " do you want to go to day college or residential college? I have to decide really hard. So I have decided that I want to go to residential college so I went to Treloar college.

I had everything that I ever want but 2 months later I hate it because if anything happens they blame me and they call the police on me and I was wanting to run away but I didn't because I was thinking of my mum, so I had to put up with it, after I left college I was happy to go to QEF for 6 months I was happy that I have my own flat and the problems started when my 1 month was finished. Every thing I was in trouble for something that I didn't do the reason that they was bullying me is because they didn't like black peoples, but I don't understand when I left I was happy, then I was in the old people care home I love it because I can go anywhere I was and plus I can be independent and if I don't want to eat in the manu they cook something that I like, is was upset that I left the old people care home because in the care home is felt like home,

One day I was in Conner's place and David and Donna came, we stay for a little while and me, David and Donna went to Asda Donna said that where can we stay I felt so sorry for them, so I told them and they can come and stay over in my bungalow oh my god they was fighting I couldn't sleep al all next morning I took them back to Conner and I told him that they was fighting and Conner was angry at them, so we started to friends and they never go I was thinking I need a life. So Basically they live with me and my bungalow so so bad,

One day Conner said to me that can I have your laptop? I said no and he said that you have everything and I haven't so he said again and again I give up and i let him have it so I have to lie to someone who deal with my money so I can get another laptop so the things is I got my old laptop when I was in school but Conner have put my old laptop in the water and I was upset so I had the money in my bank about £398 for my laptop I had my money with me but Conner want a drugs so he took money off me so he went and buy some drugs so I had only £20 and my food is finish a day. I didn't even know what to do with this mass, so I told Enham and they help me to get my bungalow back and they did but I had to talk to the police and I hate, so I was ok so I met another friends that they came over and I didn't know that they took my camera with every memories that I had. So I haven't got memories. Is not fair that you trust someone and they let you down

In 2013 I went to college with my friends and go and cut her hair, the fire alarm went we went outside and the car hit me and I was luck I didn't broke my arm, I met a gay guy called Conner, we talk so on the 21 of June I was in town in Asda is was 11:30 pm I was want to go home so I went outside then I saw Conner and Luke and they saw me and they was upset because they owe someone money and I help them and I told them that tomorrow is my birthday and they came home with me. The problem started after my birthday Conner won't leave me alone, so he was living with me I didn't have time on myself, one day we went to do food shopping and we was waiting for the taxi then we saw his friend David and David's girlfriend Donna and we talk and talk.


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