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Ahmed M Rifaay
OK , First The Dark Knight (Batman) Knows what Kind of a fight that he is getting himself into , So he must have some kind of a plane to fight The Man Of Steel (Superman) , some Rumors says that Batman has Kryptonite In His New Armored Suite And That's How He Can Make The Fight Even Between Him And Superman .

But Let's say that He Don't Have Kryptonite in his suite , What is his Second plane to beat Superman , Is It his Advanced Technology That will Help Him Get Through The Fight or Some Kind Of cheating No Body Knows .

BUT , In a personal opinion i Don't think that Batman Is capable of Beating Superman At All, I mean Superman is Like A god Or He is a GOD So Batman has nothing on superman Except His Fighting Skills And His Armored Suites And His Advanced Technology No Way he could of beaten Superman .

Batman's Vehicles .
Batman's Vehicles .

super man on the other hand i getting help from Wonder Women as we heard. So I think this is 100% a loosing fight for Batman .

There Is lots of Rumors That Says Lex Luther Is Goning To Be In The Movie That Means More Danger For Superman , And We Also Heard About The Joker Which Means More Danger For Batman , So Either Ways Both Batman And Superman Is Forced To Team Up In The End And this Might Means That There Will Be No Winners And No Losers Except The Bad Guys Of Course .

(The Joker) Concept Art .
(The Joker) Concept Art .

So, Do You Have Another Opinion That You Like To Tell Us ?


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