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Michael Bay is not exactly regarded as the greatest director in Hollywood. He tends to use product placement as an essential element in his movies, explosions are always present and the American flag and the military are usually fixtures in the pieces. His movies always earn a great deal of money at the box office but usually his pieces are critical flops and receive terrible ratings and reviews by fans. However, while I do not always pay to see his movies, I have seen enough of them to come to the realization that I enjoy Michael Bay films. Transformers 2 and 3 are films I have come to enjoy very much and while I realize saying this is not exactly a popular opinion, I will explain why.

I like explosions

Michael Bay does include a lot of explosions and action in his movies and you know what? I like that! Sure, I love other movies that are complex, such as Inception, one of my favorite movies, but sometimes I want to just watch a movie that has robots fighting robots tearing down buildings. It's shallow and the movies are not exactly complex, as you simply watch robots fighting robots, but I'm okay with that. It won't win any Academy Awards but they are not supposed to. They are simply entertaining popcorn movies.

They aren't very complex

Sometimes you don't want to watch a movie like The Prestige or Se7en. You just want to watch a movie that you can enjoy without having to exercise your mind while doing so and by watching Transformers and Michael Bay films, I can do this. Sure, if you look at CinemaSins and how they tear the movies apart, you realize how terrible the films really are. But if I'm looking for a movie that features explosions and a plot that is fairly basic, I can put Revenge of the Fallen on and watch that movie.

They always have a character you want to root for (Transformers Films)

Growing up, I was a fan of the animated Transformers series, thus I was a fan of Optimus Prime. Thus, by watching the Transformers Films, I am always given a hero to root for and a character that I have emotional faith invested in. It's like this: In a Batman movie, you don't want Batman to die. That would kill the movie and the whole idea of a Batman film. In Transformers, you don't want Optimus Prime to die. Thus, by watching these movies, I am given a character I want to survive the peril and I can watch the movies to ensure this occurs.

Overall, Michael Bay films are not breadwinners. They probably will win some Razzies each time they come out, but I have no problem with that. To me, I can enjoy a movie with robots fighting robots and explosions all over the place. If you agree or disagree with my points, comment below.


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