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Going to write short story on superheros!
Himanshu Goel

An original work on the recent acquisition of spidey in the Marvel Universe.

The Web of Responsibility
To the universe of,
Reptiles and sparks!
Of Love and heart break,
Million Lives at stake.
He bids Farewell. As
Another heaven calls him
And No more hurdle,
Left to stall him.

The jovial hero
Crosses the threshold,
Behold! Into a world torn,
On the edge of war,
A conflict unlike anything
The sky has ever witnessed.
For champion battles champion!
In this world divided.

Tasked with inconceivable purpose,
The heaviest of responsibility.
He has been summoned,
To entwine a web,
Around the broken alliance.
The battle of the giants,
The leader from another time,
And the man of science
Crimson and Sapphire.
Their armies at the helm,
Each champion marvellous,
In their own way,
But there are,
Mystical powers at play.

The universe needs him.
And he will ascend
From humble beginnings
To the apex.
The time has come
To web up the universe!
The Age of the spider.
The time has come,
For the webhead
To save the day!
Time to weave
The Web of Responsibility.

Himanshu Goel


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