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In September of 2014 Marvel released a a brand new series that asked some "what if" questions. this series was called Edge of Spider-Verse. It was a 5 issue series that was put out by Marvel, but out of the series came a new character that will explode onto the comic scene the following year.

That's right! Spider-Gwen, one of Peter Parker's crushes in the Comics gets an over haul. I am not talking about a new hairdo or even just wardrobe change. She becomes the new "Spider-Man" with a new outfit that impressed me the first time it caught my eye. The issue blew a lot of people away with the art direction and also the complex Gwen Stacy they created. I also loved the fact that Peter Parker isn't even one of the lead characters.


The Second book from this series sold like hot cakes and is now going for around $75.00 on Ebay and still climbing! The last time I checked the book was on its 4th print and I wouldn't be surprised if it had more. The book was so popular that Marvel decided to create a new series that followed Gwen Stacy from the the Edge of Spider-Verse issue #2. When I saw this all I could do was...

And they gave it to us! The first issue was released on February 25, 2015 and we got to see the same art and character that we loved! The story started where the Edge of Spider-Verse left off and that made me more pumped for the series. The comic series also changed some of the characters back stories as well! we get to see Daredevil (Matt Murdock) play a new role. He is presented as a villain that is a Lawyer for the ruthless Kingpin. we also get to see the Vulture newly represented as well! All of this looks great and sounds great.....but what happened?

The series started and it already did a face plan....

The first issue of Spider-Gwen was great and I was hungry for more, then the next 2 issues fell shy of "did anything actually happen"?

Gwen "fights" the Vulture, and her Dad is dealing with the fact that his little girl is the murdering Vigilante he has been chasing. We also get to see him try to hide that fact from all his co-workers.

Issue 4 was somewhat better, the issue was mostly about the relationship Gwen had with Peter and she tries to confront Aunt May about her guilty conscious. I won't spoil anything, but that scene was pretty deep. I was wide eyed to see where the conversation was going. Other than the "big" talk not much action was in this book either. It seemed like the story was not getting any traction. Marvel was exploring some cool ideas but not doing anything with them.

The fifth issue was the doozie..... we got to see the new Black Cat, and it turns out that she is in a band as well! During the day she is a famous singer and at night she is still the thief that we all know. This time she has bad relations with Daredevil for what he has done to her in the past and she is seeking revenge. So during a concert that Gwen and Felicia Hardy playing in, Matt Murdock shows up and Felicia and him get into it. Gwen then comes to her rescue, and afterwards Murdock is trying to get Gwen to join his group.


The comic ends and you have to wait for the next issue, or so I thought until I started reading the notes from the editor section in the back of the issue.

In the note Marvel is thanking the reader for their support on making Spider-Gwen a huge success, but that this will be the last issue of this Spider-Gwen series. I thought this was a joke at first, but then quickly realized it was for real...

hah you guys are funn...good God they were serious!
hah you guys are funn...good God they were serious!

They go on and tell the reader that if they want more of Spider-Gwen that there is a series that started last month that has her in it that the reader could pick up.

What?!?! That was it? I thought this was going to be one of Marvel's franchises that would have won me back, but sorely I was wrong. What made Marvel cut this series so early? It couldn't have been sales, so I looked towards the internet for my yearning question. There I found that Spider-Gwen will be coming back and will relaunch as a issue #1 again due to Secret War stuff that will happen in the coming months.

I am not super pleased about this decision. Why would you bring out an awesome series and then just restart it again? what does it mean for this 5 book series I now own? The only reasonable explanation that I could come up with is that Marvel did this to get more people warmed up to Spider-Gwen before she showed up in Secret Wars. So I somewhat get it, but I am not sure if I will be picking up this next series this time around. I will be just fine with the trade backs if the series actually goes anywhere.


So what did you think of the Spider-Gwen series?


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