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Cosplayer: Variable

There are times I want to dress up like Tank Girl, get all roughed up and badass. And then there are times I wish I could dress up like Albus Dumbledore. I have full confidence in myself that I could pull off some stunning deep blue robes.

The gender of a character shouldn't matter; you should embody that character when cosplaying regardless of gender! Below is a list of cosplayers that shows us just how fierce they looked, whether they're portraying characters that are usually female or a male.

1. Superboy

Cosplayer: Michelle Berra

Boy has never looked so good! Her bright blue suit just makes her electric blue eyes pop. And that haircut couldn't be any more flattering.

2. Hal Jordan

Cosplayer: Lilith Itami

LIlith Itami is making her Green Lantern costume shine super bright. And is that the famous power-granting ring I spy on her finger? This is so badass!

3. The Joker

Cosplayer: Dark Incognito

I'm not even joking, that is one luxurious green wig to die for. And who says only men can pull off suits?

4. Harley Quinn

Cosplayer: Sir-Fuzzy

Sir-Fuzzy shows us what a killer sidekick looks like. He's got his gavel, and this shows us his immense skill with weaponized props.

5. Tim Drake

Cosplayer: Amberainbow

When Batman needs help, Red Robin is there to help! With an outfit that badass, no wonder he eventually becomes the leader of the Teen Titans.

6. Green Arrow

Cosplayer: St3phBot

Don't be fooled: this chick knows how to use those trick arrows to her advantage. That lime green isn't exactly a color just anybody can pull off, but oh, she is definitely pulling it off.

7. Catwoman

Cosplayer: Dean

Sexy tight leather is a good look for any Catwoman or Catman, and Dean is looking beyond ferocious. This is one kitty cat you shouldn't mess with.

8. Aquaman


The ocean is one of the most powerful and captivating parts of Earth, and this cosplayer captures the intensity that comes from the sea perfectly. Aquaman may be a bit of a fallen hero, but this girl is anything but. Have you seen the size of that trident?

9. Power Girl

Cosplayer: Test Subject B

Test Subject B shows us the sillier side of the serious and mature Power Girl. Just look at how his eyes gaze upwards into the heavens. You know he considers himself his own hero, not just a derivative of Superman. Who said men can't be feminists?

10. Wonder Woman

Comics Alliance

I don't know if it's the Lasso of Truth bringing it out of me or not, but it takes some courage to wear the rather revealing Wonder Woman outfit. But this cosplayer has some balls, which are probably tucked pretty well into this tight leotard.

11. Deathstroke

Cosplayer: Jen of the Geek Forge

Whether you consider Deathstroke a villain or an antihero, you have to admit that Deathstroke is a phenomenal character. Jen's solid stance tells us that not only is she a genius, but totally has increased superhuman strength.

12. Poison Ivy

Cosplayer: WonderBoyHero

Can't you just feel the force of the green radiating through WonderBoyHero? Poison Ivy is a true master of botany, even using the toxins from plants for evil purposes, and that mischievous look from this cosplayer just radiates that vibe.

13. Wally West

Cosplayer: Rebeckalah

Do you see that lightening bolt? Rebeckalah perfectly portrays the Flash. To be honest, I have a thing for red hair, and Rebeckalah looks stunning with that gingery shade.

Bust out your leotards, suits, and capes. It doesn't matter what your gender if, or what your favorite character's gender is, take a lesson from Shia LeBeouf, and JUST DO IT.

Your spin on your favorite cosplay character is going to end up looking really ravishing and uniquely you.


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