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Well this is my first post on the moviepilot and I thought to write about the most popular subject of current times - superhero movies.

The feud between D.C. and Marvel is well known. In this article, the focus is going to remain on Marvel movies.

My opinion - marvel is making a big mistake for it's future movie. There are multiple reason.

1. Introducing too many superheroes

Marvel has minted a lot of money from it's previous movies up to avengers age of ultron. It seems that it's thinking mathematically rather than cinematically now. It seems that the management thinks that more character introduction means more money. What it's not thinking is - more characters in the final movie - the infinity war movies - will mean less screen time for each characters which will lead to less character development which will mean that movies won't be that nice.

2. Lesser known heroes being introduced

There are known superheroes like captain america or iron man who have a huge fan following. However, there are those superheroes as well who don't have too much importance. Example are folks like ant man, captain marvel etc. Having someone like ant man on a comic book or a cartoon series is somewhat more likeable but the same thing when converted to movie will be like a making superhero entry in a forceful manner to just make them present in the MCU.

3. Is DCU controlling the MCU??

DC has just started it's movie universe and it seems that it has gotten into the heads of MCU execs. When DC announced batman v superman, it created a rage that's continuing till date. The MCU seemed affected too by this and to counter the scenario introduced Captain America - civil war. Well, it is a brave move but if it kills off captain america(as it does in the comics ) in this then it'll be very bad for MCU because he's one of the most popular characters there.

Well, that's all I have for now. Let me know your opinions on the article. Positive or negative, it'll be very much appreciated.


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