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When "Infinity Gauntlet" started last month, we were promised a totally different take on the classic which is still considered the greatest Marvel event ever. They told us to forget about Thanos taking on the entire Marvel universe and to forget about his plans of pleasing Mistress Death by killing half the universe. But, with a title like "Infinity Gauntlet", one had to suspect that there would still be some similarities. Sure, we still have the infinity stones(notice, not gems like in the original) and we still have the Mad Titan Thanos(well, some version of him), but that's where the similarities pretty much end. Gerry Duggan wants us to remember the original to make this story easier to understand. But, that's where so much of the problems lie.

The story is still about family. Last month, we met the family of Anwan Bakian and saw just how hard their life was. They were living in a region of Battleworld that more resembled "Starship Troopers" then anything else. They spent their time trying to survive against killer bugs that were in the region. Where did the bugs come from is anyone's guess. Along the way, we were introduced to Anwan's mom, who had deserted the family to become a member of the Nova Force. But, now she has returned and chosen to make the entire family, including the dog, a member of the force. Sure, Thanos is still around and hunting the gems, but he's really just a side item so far to this storyline. The real problem is the concept of a Nova Force and the concept of Battleworld. God Doom made this planet to save the universes that were destroyed during the incursions. How there could be a planet but also a universe makes no sense at this point based on what is going on in the actual series. In addition, the action and flow of this story was all over the place. If we're to be into this story, we need to have a focus and a actual agenda. So far, that is not really present. That is not to say that this was a bad issue, only that it is confusing, and that answers are needed soon in the next issue so that the reader can figure out what is going on, but the issue being divided into rough halves in terms of both pacing and quality makes this one a bit of a misfire. I can only give this issue a 6 out of 10 and I am hopeful that it does improve next month.


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