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During "Secret wars", we were introduced to the area where anyone that goes against God Doom ends up. The region was divided into 3 areas, one focusing on each type of dread that you would not want to enter. There was a region focusing on Annihlius and his wave, a region that had perfection in the form of the Age of Untron, and a region where the dead walk. All of battleworld was protected by this monstrosity by the wall, and people were in change of watching to make sure that none of these beings ended up in other regions of Battleworld. But, what was happening inside these areas? How did people handle going in there? Plus, how did the monsters interact in there? Well, that is the focus of this series by James Robinson.

People entering this book might be expecting a book about zombies and robots fighting each other for supremacy. Now, that is in this book. But, more of this story is about survival and how people react when being thrown into the Deadlands. The art of course is amazing and the way that the zombies are drawn is fantastic. Steve Pugh did an amazing job showing all the features of these characters as we watch them literally zombify in front of us. It's nice we're getting a lot of set up so readers can get an idea who these characters are and how this work beyond the wall on Battleworld. Sure this comic focuses more on Ultron's domain than the zombies, but we already have another Marvel Zombies series covering that. In addition, the comic added two protagonists who will help shape the rest of this storyline. Telling you who they are would spoil some of the surprise, and that's where reading it will come in. The downside is this comic is a quick read, which has a number of double-spread pages which show how Ultron took over the area in his universe.Sure, it's pretty but takes alot of the storyline which could have included a little more. I enjoyed it and can't wait to see what issue 2 has in store. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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