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Let me start by saying, I’m not a hater. Wait no, I am a hater. I hate when people call people haters. Just because someone doesn’t like you, or a particular musician or band doesn’t mean they’re a hater. Not liking something or someone doesn’t constitute hate. It just means you don’t’ like it, which is okay. We're not meant to like everything and everyone. What a boring world that would be.

So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m going to say two things that might anger a lot of women and some men.

1. I dislike Channing Tatum. I don’t find him or anyone in the Magic Mike films attractive. I have no desire to ever see either Magic Mike film and lastly if Channing Tatum and I where the last two people on this planet and we had to reproduce, I’d pass and enjoy my last couple of days left on Earth. Chances are Channing Tatum would feel same way about me, but I really don’t care. Now, I don’t hate him. He’s a human being and if I saw him on the street hurting and in need of help, I’d be one of the first to offer my assistance.

2. I really don’t care for male strippers. Before you ask, yes. I’m a heterosexual woman. I just never enjoyed male strippers. It does nothing for me. A sequenced covered wang in my face is not my idea of a good time. In fact it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I saw a male review once and I sat in horror as I watched perfectly polished and dignified ladies scream at the top of their lungs and act a fool when Mr. Big Stuff came on stage in a Fireman’s uniform. It was insanity, but to each their own. You do you Boo!


Magic Mike XXL is hitting the theaters next week. Just in time for us to celebrate America and half naked men! To be fair, I admit I’ve never seen a Channing Tatum film. The reason being, I’ve always been contrary. When I’m told I’m going to LOVE something, I shut down and I'll refuse. That’s not what happened to Magic Mike though, the moment he came on my radar with Dear John (UGH!) I knew I wouldn’t be a fan. My dislike of him goes very deep, but I’ll spare you all my reasons.

I’ve watched a couple of clips today and I won’t lie, the dancing and the skill that goes into it, is something to applaud. I can’t dance to save my life so I admire anyone that can do a choreographed dance routine.

That was impressive, but I’m still not a fan.

While I watch a fair amount of America’s male loving population go insane with the very mention of Channing Tatum or Magic Mike, I sit and wonder “Am I the only one that doesn’t care?” “Is something wrong with me?” So I ask you, am I the only heterosexual woman in the world who doesn’t find anything related to Magic Mike sexy? Please let yourself be seen and heard, so I don’t feel so alone.


Am I the only heterosexual woman in the world who doesn’t find anything related to Magic Mike sexy?

There is nothing wrong with liking the Magic Mike franchise or Chinning Tatum. My purpose is to find others like me. Other women who find the overly sculpted male form unattractive. I think it’s now been dubbed "Dadbod" which is basically just an ordinary body. Other women who find the idea of a random albeit handsome man, picking you up and slamming their junk in your face a turn off. You have to be out there ladies!!!!! Show yourselves let us walk in the light! Let us not be afraid to tell our girlfriends no, when they want to do a ladies night at a male review or to go see Magic Mike XXL. Lets come together to have ladies night that consists of a good looking man with a “dadbod” re-doing my bathroom while we drink wine. That’s a turn on!

Bath Crashers
Bath Crashers

PS: These are the only strippers I'm okay with.


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