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Everything is not what it appears to be folks. From inside sources, I have learned that the scene from the set footage of Batman on top of The Joker's car is not actually being filmed for 'Suicide Squad'.

Which makes sense to why Warner Brothers have not been making a great big deal about the whole situation of this leaked footage. What is this particular scene actually being filmed for? Well isn't that the question of the day :)

This scene is actually being filmed for....wait for it....."'Batman VS Superman'. Yes folks Joker will be in the new BVS, as far as Batman being in Suicide squad that is yet to be determined.

Trust me when i say WB loves the fact that you think this scene is for 'Suicide Squad' , hence the oh so easily leaks of the recent scene footage. Now the plot thickens, why would Batman be chasing The Joker so violently, besides the fact he hates him, but there is more to it...

The Joker just killed Robin,played by Jena Malone. hence the Joker having a tattoo of a Robin.... And last, but certainly not least, just because i love you guys....

'Suicide Squad' actually takes place between 'Man of Steele' and 'BVS'. And that's all for now folks and you're welcome :)



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