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How I love what I do.

You never stopped to wonder why the Dursleys hated both his nephew, Harry? In a new post on Pottermore, the author of the books, JK Rowling revealed why it all!

Launched on Tuesday, the update includes a look at the past Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, including the first meeting between Potter and the Dursleys. The meeting ends up going wrong, and Vernon just irritating to James because of the wizarding government's business be different backpack government. James is confused by it and when you try to explain to Vernon on Gringotts, he just gets angrier.

Since Lily was not even invited to Petunia's wedding because the bride was afraid that the magical talents of his sister could overshadow her at the ceremony. The two families have not kept in touch after that, with the Dursleys just received a card announcing the birth of Harry, who was briefly forgotten.

Rowling then explained that the hatred of Vernon by Harry "derives, in part, as Severus Snape, the boy's resemblance to his father, who both hate so much.". In addition, she revealed that considered redeem Petunia in the last book, but decided to keep the true character of their attitudes, so that was not able to let go of your resentment and had nothing to say to Harry during his farewell.


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