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I wrote this post because as I was talking to a friend about old shows that I used to watch. He barely knew any of them or hadn't heard of the ones that I was trying to describe. I wouldn't necessarily deem any of these shows worthy of recommendation, but it's still fun to dig these old cartoons up from time to time!

1. Big Bad Beetle Borgs

This show was awesome to watch as a kid! Three typically average kids that like to read their comic strips are dared to go inside a spooky mansion when, by chance, they free a ghost who turns them into their favorite comic book heroes. In doing so, of course, the villains get released into the world as well. A bit cheesy but you gotta love it! Check out the catchy opening:

2. Biker Mice from Mars

This show was so cool, or at least, you know, I thought so. This little entertaining flick was about three alien mice from - yep, you guessed it: Mars. Mars has been destroyed by war so the trio of mice come to help Earth escape the same fate as their beloved home planet. It was a pretty serious story, actually. And more for how dark it was - they never showed any blood! I liked that coy play on child-friendly grit.

3. The Incredible Crash Dummies

Yes, there was a show revolving solely around Crash Dummies, and yes, it was bad. That didn't stop me from loving it as a kid, though! The toys were the best part of this show, if I think back. They had planes and cars that would explode apart! I didn't even have that! The figures themselves were designed to explode if you push their buttons, too. Ah, childhood, how I miss thee so.

4. Double Dragon

This show made me want my parents to enroll me in martial arts classes so badly! I didn't even know that this kick-ass cartoon was based off of a game until I was considerably older.

5. Mighty Max

A lot of people mostly just remember the toys more than the actual show. That goes to show you how merchandise can really sell a program. I really liked all of the different worlds Max got to explore. I remember endlessly searching for a shirt and hat just like he wore, too. I never did find one...

6. Mummies Alive

This show totally holds up today. The animation and the style of the fight scenes were far above par for their time period. The transformations were so cool to watch. I can't quite remember how it happened, but this modern-day kid walks into a museum and the mummies around the exhibit begin to wake up, guarding this kid from some sort of enemy. I think I recall him wearing a medallion of some sort that had something to do with this historical alarm clock gift that he had, or was it that he was a reincarnation of someone once important? I don't remember. Who cares? It was fun to watch!

7. Street Sharks

This epic cartoon may be the last on my list, but as always, it's definitely not least. This animated show showcased teenagers who were turned into hybrid shark-people by an evil scientist (of course). The teenagers spent the duration of the series trying to return back to their former, less ocean-loving selves, all while battling the evil scientist and putting an end to his sinister plans. The sharks were even able to swim underneath the sidewalks as if they were in the deep blue sea. It was Jawsome!

Well, those are just a few of those old childhood era shows that I always mention. I'm pretty sure a few have slipped my mind. It's always fun to look back on the entertainment that shaped your childhood downtime.

Would you enjoy any of these shows as adults, though?


What was your favorite show from this list?


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