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No word on if a younger Rogue will be joining any of future X-men films, but if she were, here are a few actresses that would absolutely KILL the role!

It's been 15 years since 20th Century Fox released the first X-Men film in 2000. It was a star-studded cast with Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stuart, and Oscar nominee Anna Paquin. I remember the excitement I felt going to the theater, X-Men had long been my favorite comic book series, and I held no other female character in as high regard as I did my sassy southern belle Anna Marie, otherwise known as Rogue. At the time, I could not have asked for a better actress to wear Rogue's signature white and red hair. However, I could have used some better writing for the character in general. Rogue, at many points throughout her comic book journey, and even in the 90's cartoon, was the most powerful X-Man. She could absorb anyone's powers, she could fly, she was witty, sharp-tongued, and strong; Not meek and childish. To say I was disappointed in Rogue's film trajectory and portrayal throughout the next two underwhelming X-Men films is an understatement. I think a lot of us were.

Alas, when Rogue was infamously cut from the last X-Men film, Days of Future Past, honestly, I didn't lose sleep over it. They haven't had her right from the beginning, so no point in pushing something that wasn't working. So, in light of Fox's time jump back to the "beginning" of the X-men starting with X-men: First Class, then continuing on with X-Men: Days of Future Past and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, the beloved Anna Paquin is no longer a fit to the role. I do, however, have hope that a younger Rogue will be once more brought into the X-Men cinematic universe the way she always should have been. If not in future X-Men films, perhaps in Fox's next big franchise, Gambit, starring Channing Tatum. It's possibly since Gambit and Rogue are one of the more iconic comic book romances of them all! Or maybe Marvel Studios will one day garner the rights to the X-Men franchise from Fox, and give Rogue what she has always deserved.

In any case, with a younger incarnation of the character in mind, here are my top 5 dream casting choices for The X-Men's Rogue:

1. Britt Robertson

25 year old Britt Robertson is my absolute #1 choice, if you have no idea who she is, you will. Britt is young, fresh-faced, and on every list of rising young stars. Most recently she starred alongside George Clooney in Disney's Tomorrowland, a sci-fi adventure that reminded me how much I miss the fascination Hollywood once had with space and the future. Before that, you might have seen her opposite Scott Eastwood in Nicholas Sparks' The Longest Ride adaptation. It was in that movie she showed her southern roots. A South Carolina Native, she's quick witted, sassy, and exudes the kind of confidence you would expect from a girl raised in the south. Also, very Rogue like, she has been on her own since she was 16, and is extremely mature and independent! Comedy, drama, romance, she can do it all. I believe Britt Robertson has the talent, the looks, the southern roots, and the attitude to take on the taunting task of such an iconic and loved comic book heroin.

I can just see it now....can't you?

Photo Edit by Jeff Campbell
Photo Edit by Jeff Campbell

2. Alice Englert

20 year old Alice Englert gained Hollywood's attention when she debuted in the YA novel adaption Beautiful Creatures in 2012. I wasn't a fan of the film, but I DID become a huge fan of hers. She is clearly extremely talented and her acting chops matched those of her acclaimed co-star Emma Thompson. If you can't quite see what I'm seeing, really, you should watch Beautiful Creatures if only just for her. Her southern accent is on point, and her dark, intense character's battle within between good and evil really mirrors Rogue's, who's inner struggle beneath her quick-witted charm has always pushed her into a grey area. Alice could bring the heavy heart and southern charm that will draw you into Rogue and her story.

3. Nicola Peltz

WARNING: The below clip is pretty graphic!

Nicola Peltz is probably the most recognizable face on my list having starred in A&E's hit thriller Bates Motel and also alongside Hollywood heavyweight Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of Extinction. When building this list, I immediately thought of her. Rogue is sassy and damaged yes, but she is also a sexy bad-girl of sorts. Nicola is effortlessly sexy and commands the attention of everyone around her wherever she goes. This is a quality in Rogue that was lacking in the past incarnations of the character but is absolutely necessary. Nicola also gives a certain maturity and emotional depth to her characters that keeps you guessing, not sure whether you should be on her side or not. Well I am, and in my opinion, this girl could be the one to give us the Rogue we want.

4. Alicia Vikander

Alicia wasn't someone I immediately looked at and thought of as Rogue, no I didn't quite see it even when I saw her in the recent sci-fi thriller Ex Machina. She has a more mature look, so Rogue would need to be in her early 20's for her to be cast, and I'm stuck on a younger Rogue. In the intensely strange Ex Machina, Alicia played a robot, a very human robot that gets a little too human for her own good. Every moment she was on the screen, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was smart, vulnerable, strong, and so effortlessly beautiful. It wasn't until I started writing this that she popped into my head. I realized she is one of those rare actresses that can do ANYTHING and nail it. She may be a Swedish native, but slap on a southern accent and Rogue's classic yellow and green X-Men jumpsuit, and she'll kill it. Alicia is definitely an actress to keep you eyes on.

5. Brie Larson

I could go on and on and on about Brie Larson. She is, by far, one of my favorite actresses in the business. She's laid-back, intelligent, and one of the most talented young actresses out there. I was deeply moved and blown away just as the masses were by her performance in the Indie flick Short Term 12 (see the above clip). The film garnered much deserved attention for her, and landed her in Oscar speculations and more. She may not have been nominated, but I assure you that's coming soon. I think her face, though, is what really makes me see Rogue in her. She has one of the most unique looks in Hollywood, she stands out. There is a strength in her that you can see in her eyes, it's deeply mounted, and THAT is what Rogue is. You can see Brie next in the upcoming Judd Apatow comedy Trainwreck opposite Amy Schumer. It will be nice to see her do a lighter more comedic role, since Rogue is notorious for her humorous one liners!

All this being said, I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. Marvel is in the process of erasing the X-Men from their universe while Fox seems to have little concern for Rogue's appearance in any of their films.

Hey, one can dream!

What are your thoughts? Who would you like to see cast as the X-Men's southern siren, Rogue?


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