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02l is a short term for our 2nd life. 02l is apart of my life now and they help me get through things that make me sad. These six boys are amazingly great, cute, and funny. Every time i go on youtube its because of these boys. They inspired me to start to make videos at least try to if that counts. Lets start off with Connor Franta, he makes videos every Monday. Connor does skits and challenges and parties like there is no tomorrow because he doesn't care what people think. Connor is also daring to because he wouldn't be naked and jump in the pool for no reason he does it because he wants to makes us happy. Next Ricky Dillon, he does videos every Tuesday. Ricky does videos about girls and his p.o box. He is in love with Pokemon and he can name every one of them. Ricky is so talented and care free and wants to live the best of his life before its gone. He is ordinary. He is daring to because he wouldn't just jump off the roof and into the pool for no reason its because y'all dared him to do it and he did it. Then Sam Portoff, he does videos every Wednesday. Sam does videos about mostly challenges and vlogs. Sam doesn't care about what you look like he loves making people laugh. Then JC Caylen, he does videos every Thursday. I forgot to mention he is my future boyfriend/ husband. i am just kidding, jc broke up with lia and he is single and lia is dating trevor but he is happy that he is single. Back to the story, JC does vlogs, challenges, skits, and just sits down and talks with you. I think i know more about jc then any of the boys in 02l because he is the one that inspired me the most to do videos. JC and kian also are daring because him and kian are getting hit with paint balls, mustard, and mayonnaise, and a whole bunch of different things because they want to make you laugh. Next Trevor the queen Moran, Trevor does videos every Friday. Trevor does videos about hate comments, skits, and vlogs. The reason why Trevor makes videos is because he loves doing it even if people try to bring him down. I think they better stop because all its doing for him is bringing him up not down. Last but certainly not least Kian lawley, Kian does videos every Saturday. He mostly does videos with JC his best friend forever. Kian is the kind of guy to do random videos because its fun. Kian is the coolest, laid back guy i know. He doesn't care what other people think because they are just people. Finally i am done going on about these cute boys. All i am saying is they are 6 best friends who loving doing one thing, making videos and they will never stop never. Sometimes i wish i could spend one day with them it would make me the happiest girl in the world. 02L is the best youtube group ever because they do so many things that no other youtubers do. Even though the split up they will always be 02l always. Even though i don't know them personally but they have told me everything about them just through their videos and that has helped me a lot. THANK YOU 02L.

02L FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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